arnings, if you don’t listen, I will take action.

arnings, if you don’t listen, I will take action.
Lian Shun broke free from the chain rope in Zhao Song’s hand and jumped forward suddenly, not losing the decrepit appearance just now.
“Lian Shun, come back, don’t run. , you can’t run! ”
Ignoring the call behind him, Lianshun quickly passed through the crowd and crossed a bicycle, as if he was training to walk through a fire ring at that base. The standard textbook action attracted all the eyeballs.
Bypassing a few people, it When he saw the wretched young man, he immediately sped up, and his lightning speed seemed to return to the scene of flying bullets. Finally, he jumped high. At
this moment, everyone finally saw the true glory of the “Silent Special Forces”.
“Ah~ my arm!
“Poof! ” “The sound of heavy objects falling to the ground.
“Lianshun! “A heartbreaking cry.
I am Lianshun, I have a story, do you want to listen?
Lianshun, Ichijo The meritorious drug detection dog has crossed mountains of swords, seas of fire, and rains of bullets. It has many stories, but for the sake of its partners, many of them cannot be told.
A dog like it will only have one partner in its life, so its occupation in Xiagou Village is nothing more than one. In addition to being a patrol dog, it should also be a companion dog.
Therefore, its last story is to accompany a lonely old man, a poor and lifeless sister, and a somewhat neurotic and irritable brother.
/It has been more than a year now. The old man’s energy is getting better and better, his sister’s smile is gradually increasing, and his brother is slowly becoming normal.
Lianshun stuck out his long tongue and looked at his sister in front of him and his brother who was stumbling towards him in the distance. He widened his mouth as if showing a smile, and then slowly closed his eyes…
collapsed on the ground, She carefully tried to put Lianshun’s head on her lap, but unfortunately, no matter how careful she was, her trembling hands revealed her panic.
At this time, a group of male students in the distance were punching and kicking a wretched young man who fell to the ground.
On the other side, Zhao Song, who was sweating profusely, ran over, knelt beside Xiao Yu, and hurriedly took out a medicine bottle in English from his bag.
“Lianshun, take the medicine…”
There was no response.
Zhao Song took out another ham with less salt.
“Lianshun, eat ham.”
The ups and downs of Lianshun’s body slowly stopped.
Xiaoyu’s body was shaking more and more violently, and tears fell down like a bursting dam.
Three or four bodyguards in suits and ties gathered around, stood behind Zhao Song, and shouted with concern.
Zhao Song sobered up a little after hearing this, took back his trembling hands from Lianshun, managed to pull himself together, and whispered softly:
“Call Minister Hong and explain the matter clearly; cooperate with the school security to evacuate the students.”
The three bodyguards looked at each other, and then one of them walked