is joking, let’s do this. With Zhonghai Zhao Song’s name, 240,000.”

is joking, let’s do this. With Zhonghai Zhao Song’s name, 240,000.”
“180,000.” Zhao Song finally said no. Don’t you dare to joke again.
Manager Wu clenched his right hand into a fist, put it to his mouth and coughed. A group of strong men behind him stepped forward, their momentum rising sharply.
“235,000, Zhao Song, there are people rushing to rent this store for 300,000.” Manager Wu was very satisfied with his staff’s performance.
Zhao Song made a fist with his left hand, put it to his mouth and coughed. A group of cute girls behind him took a step forward, puffed up their mouths, and stared forward.
A group of strong men instantly transformed into a group of quails, hiding behind Manager Wu like they were hiding their ears.
Zhao Song sneered: “Uncle Wu, please lower it again.”
“230,000! Two years to pay, no deposit required. Part of Tesla’s second-hand complete machine accessories needs to be purchased from the Pacific Ocean.” Wu The manager has no energy at all.
“Uncle Niu, give me the money.” Zhao Song was so proud.
The 1.9-meter-tall boss stepped forward carrying a travel bag.
Cute girls supreme!
In the shop, Ding Tao has already arrived, excitedly pasting advertising fonts on the glass wall panel. A group of cute girls were laughing and joking around, attracting many guys from the first floor of the Pacific Ocean to watch.
“Ding Tao, come here.”
At the gate of Pacific Ocean, Zhao Song lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and said to Ding Tao: “I will work overtime tonight to fill the Pacific Store with mainframes and monitors. Don’t be anxious about Qin Chao’s order. Wait for five Let’s talk after it’s over.”
Seeing Ding Tao nod, Zhao Songcai continued: “From now on, you will be the manager of Tesla’s Pacific Image Store, and during May Day, you will be the general manager of Tesla!
” Boss, what are you doing?”
Zhao Song took a deep breath from the cigarette and said solemnly: “It’s boring to do business. I miss my friend and I want to go see him.” At
end of April 2000, he left for the May Day Labor Day. The festival is still half a day away.
With a group of cute girls, Zhao Song finally stepped out of Zhonghai and entered the magnificent computer market.
In the Pacific electronics market, domestic brands and international brands are constantly fighting each other. No one knows what Tesla’s entry will bring.
Zhonghai Zhaosong is no longer Zhonghai Zhaosong!
Total assets: Calculating…
Late at night, Huaqing Ximen, Ximen Grilled Wings.
Director Qin, Lao Wang next door, Boss Niu, Zhao Dou, plus Zhao Song.
A few people clinked their wine glasses gently and drank down the wine in one gulp.
“Zhao’er, what’s going on today?”
Zhao Song put down his beer glass. Months of training had made him drink longer.
“We have to start from the beginning. The time I stabbed myself with a knife and Brother Dou was beaten, I thought it was too serious. I scared myself, but it actually didn’t matter to you.”
After seeing a few people nodding,