“Brother, what did you say?”

“I X your mother!!!”
Zhao Song’s legs stopped shaking, and when he turned around, his whole body was completely drained of energy, as if that cowardly little person who was arbitrarily recognized and scolded was back.
Zhao Song was very happy, very humble, just like his previous life, “Well, uncle, are we even now? I will have no objection in the future.”
“Pa!” Same face, same loud voice. After that, Zhonghai was silent, except for the sound of Ding Tao frantically rummaging for something at the counter.
Zhao Song was still cheerful, but no one had ever heard that voice: “You old man! You said I want a knife. Should I stab myself or you?”
“Pah!” Blood splattered from the corner of Zhao Song’s mouth, and Han Bing also laughed, “You are so timid, you only dare to stab yourself. By the way, don’t take three certificates, it will save us from having to apply for replacement when we leave this place. ”
Zhao Song broke away from Han Bing’s hands. He was so good at carrying the bag that even Han Bing glanced at him in surprise, and then his eyes narrowed.
Zhao Song’s smile became brighter and brighter, “Old immortal, how many apartments do you have in your hometown? Do you have a few million in your hands? I would like to advise you to come in, but you really have to kill me first.” He shook his head , continued, “If you don’t kill me, it will be fun. Let’s… fight until we die!”
/“Everyone is here today. It doesn’t look good if you are immortal. If you are old and immortal, please come.”
Little people don’t dare to fight back when they are beaten. Little people are afraid of getting into trouble, but don’t insult the little people and don’t touch that string. If you do, there will be no fight, only death-defying.
Han Bing is really not afraid, he has seen a lot. He walked away happily, and didn’t stop laughing until he saw the figure at the door.
“Isn’t this Brother Dou? Is something wrong?”
“It’s okay. Come here and congratulate you. I heard that you changed your name to Lao Immortal, but don’t die any day!” Zhao Dou’s right hand never reached out of his trouser pocket.
Han Bing said nothing, looked at Zhao Dou blankly, laughed, and walked around Zhao Dou.
Total assets: 680,000
/November 11, 2018.
Fashion shopping mall, outside the children’s playground.
The crowd looked at the man lying on the ground and kept yelling, and the two big men punched and kicked him.
Zhao Song bowed his body and protected his head with his hands. Zhao Song’s body was already crippled, and he was knocked to the ground before his fist even touched the opponent.
Although there was no room for resistance, Zhao Song still kept scolding, as if venting the suppressed things in his heart. This little person was so humble that no one in the crowd was interested in picking up their cell phones to call the police, and gathered around to watch the fun and chat.
When a foot kicked his hearing aid, Zhao Song’s head buzzed. He got the strength from nowhere to wrap the foot and bite it.
“Ah, le