ing Charlize Theron’s helpless face at this moment, I suddenly felt a heartbeat, showed a perfect sunny smile, and asked: “Can I sit down?”

ing Charlize Theron’s helpless face at this moment, I suddenly felt a heartbeat, showed a perfect sunny smile, and asked: “Can I sit down?”
Charlize had already glanced at Dawson secretly, but he didn’t Thinking that such a man would talk to him, he smiled and replied: “Of course. Do you have a pen? I mean, just now Han asked me to leave my phone number with him.”
Dawson blinked, “I know, I will in the future Responsible for contacting you.”
/Handsome guys don’t need to flirt with girls. They are born with the skills to tease girls.
Therefore, three points are determined by fate, seven points depend on hard work, and the remaining ninety points depend on appearance.
As long as he was a baby cabbage, Gabriel wanted to fall in love with him. When he saw Dawson chatting happily with the top-grade organic baby cabbage, his face looked speechless.
Next to him, Jason took a big mouthful of spaghetti and comforted him: “Don’t think too much, go back and look in the mirror, you will feel better.”
“Get out of here!”
Gabriel pointed his middle finger at him.
After a long lunch.
Han Xuan chatted with the people at the embassy for a few minutes. After explaining the situation, he wandered around the shopping area with his parents, planning to buy some Thai specialties to take back.
Thailand has not yet experienced the crisis that it experienced a few years later. Its economy is developing rapidly, and many foreigners come to the airport to seek investment opportunities and travel.
I often see some beautiful Thai women being hugged by ugly-looking foreigners.
“These men are the type that no woman would like in the United States. Why can they find such a beautiful girlfriend?”
The innocent Ramirez asked Han Xuan in a low voice.
Han Xuan followed Ramirez’s eyes and looked over. There was a fat man with thick body hair, holding a fair and tender Thai woman in his arms. He lowered his head and chewed her regardless of the occasion.
She felt deeply worthless for these women and said: “There are many elephants in Thailand. Their heads may have been stepped on by elephants when they were young. As long as the green card is not looked at,”
/Isabelle heard their conversation and shrugged: “I don’t care anyway. I don’t think there’s anything good about the United States. However, the salary and state benefits are indeed better than those in other countries, but you don’t have to do that just to get a green card. Every country has good and bad things, and the most important thing is what suits you. In fact, Women from other countries don’t like arrogant American men. They always have a sense of superiority in life, even if they are so poor that they live on relief. I met several times at Brown University, and girls from other countries talked about this. , they said that falling in love with an American man is simply crazy.”
Ramirez raised his fist in displeasure: “Are you looking for a fight? I am an American man!”
“Look, it’s this kind of behavior that makes people unhappy. .”
Isabelle changed the