e ‘old days’ or ‘outer gods’ will No longer blocked, and then the end of the world will come?”

Thinking of this, some questions that he had accumulated before suddenly flashed through Klein’s mind:
Why does the “Night Goddess” risk provoking a war between gods to seize the “uniqueness” of the “God of Death” path?
Why would the Seven Gods acquiesce in the emergence of a “Black Emperor”?
Why did Adam, Amon and other angel kings step out of the background and onto the stage in the current era after being silent for countless years?
Huh, no matter whether you are good or bad, you are working hard to improve yourself and face the end… For a goddess who is good at planning, she chooses such a risky method. Is she preparing to transcend the sequence and become the “old day”? It’s only been more than ten years, time waits for no one… He secretly supports me with similar expectations? At least twice Adam was able to directly deal with me but he didn’t take action. Apart from the fact that he and I really don’t have any big grudges, is there also this factor? Klein tapped the edge of the mottled long table and whispered to himself:
“The key to becoming an ‘Old One’ or an ‘Outer God’ is one of the nine sefirot?”
/After looking around the empty “Origin Castle”, Klein sighed and said to himself:
He immediately turned his attention to other things:
I wonder if the ancient sun god has completely transcended the sequence… If a local “Old One” is really born, when the end comes, mankind will at least have a little hope… His fall is more complicated than I imagined…
No wonder Emperor Russell said that Sequence 0 is necessary to preserve himself and protect those he values ????…
I wonder if those “old days” or “outer gods” have any infiltration power coming in?
Well, judging from the fact that the seven righteous gods and evil gods such as the “True Creator” are hostile to the “Primordial Moon” and the “Mother Tree of Desire”, their true bodies may be the “Old Ones” or “Outer Gods”…
No wonder the “Mother Tree of Desire” can directly mislead me in my divination above the gray fog. It is the most dangerous existence in my knowledge!
I understand what those “Old Ones” and “Outer Gods” want to gain by gathering around this world…
They probably want to get the nine “sources” and destroy the world just by the way…
Thinking of this, Klein suddenly remembered what the “Mother Tree of Desire” said through Cynthia’s mouth:
“General, I want to have a child with you.”
Klein couldn’t help but shudder and seriously thought about safety issues after returning to the real world.
He already has a certain understanding of the “starry sky”. As long as he subconsciously turns the corresponding thoughts, he will directly establish contact with those “old days” and “outer gods” and be eroded!
/If “Origin Castle” hadn’t cut off the previous contact, I wouldn’t have dared to return to reality… Klein thought about it and decided to ask his psychiatrist, Miss Justice, to help him hypnotize himself and seal the corresponding