“It takes one hour for players to leave the guild, and it will also take one hour for them to join another guild after leaving the guild.”

“It takes one hour for players to leave the guild, and it will also take one hour for them to join another guild after leaving the guild.”
“Guild members can share it. The guild’s locker will allocate equipment resources uniformly by the guild leader. When a player leaves the guild or the guild is disbanded, the equipment and weapons of the guild members will be returned to their original owners, but the damaged and consumed ones will not be returned.”
“Okay. You continue to play and get the results as soon as possible. Don’t let me wait too long.” Electronic Sound didn’t know if he was tired or bored. After re-formulating the rules, he fell into silence for a while. He won’t speak anymore.
/I heard that if you join a guild and join a guild, your experience points will be doubled when you kill enemies. The discussion among the players suddenly became lively again. Liu Gan tried it and confirmed that he could establish a guild. However, the guild he could establish at level 5 could only be level 2, and he could recruit up to 10 guild members. The prompt said that only when the guild reached level 3 could he recruit 20 members. member.
It is very simple to upgrade the guild from level 2 to level 3. Kill 16 level 1 players, or 8 level 2 players, or 4 level 3 players, 2 level 4 players, or any one level 5 or above. Players can upgrade.
In other words, if Liu Gan wants to double his experience points, he must establish a guild, upgrade the guild to level 3, and recruit 20 guild members.
/“Quiet! Quiet! Do you want to level up? Do you want to become stronger? Do you want to survive? Do you want to return to the real world? We are from the ‘Qianfan’ guild, and our president Ren Qianfan is already level 8! In the guild, level 7, 6 There are more than a dozen level masters! Now that the guild has reached level 5, it can recruit a thousand people to kill enemies and the experience value has been increased eight times!” A player with seven stars on his head stood on a rock in the square and held a hand. A loudspeaker loudly announced to the novice players in the square.
“Why can I only build a level 1 guild? Why did their guild reach level 5 as soon as it was established? Is it because their guild leader is level 8?” Mo Fan asked Liu Qian with some confusion. Electronic music is very lazy. There are many The rules are not spelled out in detail, so players can only try and figure it out on their own.
“Maybe, but I feel like this is another conspiracy. Once you establish a guild or join a guild, you will fall into the trap of the electronic sound.” Liu Qian thoughtfully replied to Mo Fan.
“What kind of conspiracy could it be? To force us to speed up the war?” Mo Fan asked Liu Qian again.
“It should be.” Liu Qian nodded.
“Then should we still establish a guild?” Mo Fan looked hesitant. Their current level was very low, not even level 5. The temptation to double or even eight times their experience points was too great.
“Let’s take a look at the situation first. There’s no rush.” ??Liu Qian seemed very calm abo