alize that it was already 10:30 pm!

alize that it was already 10:30 pm!
“I told you not to drink, don’t drink! You ended up drinking so late! Is it okay now? The No. 6 bus from here back to the city ends at 10:30. We came here by bus No. 6, so it’s okay now We can take the No. 6 bus back!” Anna complained to everyone with an unhappy expression.
/“Route 6?” Liu Qian seemed to have thought of something.
“Yes! No. 6 is the only bus that runs this suburban line! How can we go back to the city after the bus is over?” Anna stamped her feet unhappily.
“Call a taxi! If that doesn’t work, second sister, why don’t you take off all your clothes and hail a ride on the side of the road? I guarantee that the driver will stop when he sees it. Why are you so anxious?” Guo Tian looked indifferent.
“I took off your clothes and you came to stop the car!” Anna rushed over and really took off Guo Tian’s clothes. Guo Tian kept struggling and shouting, but it was of no use. After a while, The coat on his body was taken off by Anna.
“Second sister, please don’t go” Guo Tian trembled.
“Begging me!” Anna looked proud.
“Please, second sister.” Guo Tian had no choice but to give in to this situation.
“What do you want me to ask for?” Anna refused.
“Please give me back my coat.” Guo Tian looked at Anna pitifully.
“Stop making trouble, be careful he catches a cold.” Jiang Jinyuan advised Anna.
“Hmph! Don’t you dare to mess with me again!” Anna probably didn’t want Guo Tian to feel cold, so after enough demonstration, she returned the coat to Guo Tian.
“What should I do if I can’t go back this time?” Qianzhou looked anxious.
“If we can’t go back, the worst we can do is open two rooms in the town! No, open three rooms, one for the eldest brother and the eldest brother, one for the second brother and the second sister, and one for me and my little sister.” Guo Tian smiled and said to her. Zhang Mengdi took a look.
“Third brother, little pervert!” Zhang Mengdi pouted.
At this moment, all the street lights on the street were extinguished at the same time, and the lights on both sides of the street were also extinguished. With the gloomy sky, the surrounding area suddenly fell into darkness.
“Ah!” Zhang Mengdi yelled softly and leaned towards Anna.
“Don’t be afraid, sister is here!” Anna quickly hugged Zhang Mengdi.
“It’s nothing, there’s just a power outage in the town.” Guo Tian looked indifferent. He opened the screen of his old-fashioned mobile phone, and the dim light illuminated everyone around him. Fortunately, the ground was covered with snow, and after everyone got used to it for a while, they were able to see things nearby clearly.
“Why is the entire Binghu Town so quiet? Not a single person or car?” Guo Tian looked around and then asked the others strangely.
/“It’s already past ten-thirty, and it’s so cold outside. Do you think everyone else is as bored as you?” Anna replied angrily to Guo Tian.
“What should we do now? Should we stay in a hotel? Or what? We have to come up with an idea, right?” Qianzhou asked everyone anxiously.