h his will and belief.

h his will and belief.
However, he felt that he was about to run out of gas. There was nothing to eat in the vast snow-capped mountains. There was nothing but snow all around. Of course, there were also a lot of oozy-looking things on the snow-covered ground. Snow cave, but the snow-spotted zombies inside have left.
In the past two days and one night, Liu Qian was lucky. He didn’t encounter any pure white zombies, not even ordinary snow-spotted zombies. Fortunately, he didn’t encounter them. If he encountered pure white zombies at this time, not to mention the issue of strength, he would not have the strength to fight them at all.
If he encountered ordinary snow-spotted zombies and it wasn’t a large wave of mixed zombies, Liu Qian might still be able to fight. However, he deeply doubted that with his current level of hunger, he might not be able to help but eat the corpse of the snow-spotted zombie after killing it.
This is really not an impossible thing, because Liu Qian has already begun to work hard to convince himself that the snow-spotted zombies are no longer human beings and can be regarded as animal meat, and he has a few magic pills, even if he eats the meat of the snow-spotted zombies , after taking the magic medicine, it will not transform into a corpse. At most, it will just sleep and wake up into a half-corpse like Guo Tian.
Occasionally Liu Gan would slap himself in the face again. Was he so hungry that he actually wanted to eat zombie meat? Liu Qian, your will is too unstable, right? It’s just hunger, and you don’t even need to know the bottom line of being a human being?
But having said that, in the more than 20 years since childhood, Liu Gan has never been so hungry as he is now. He feels that even if a roast cow is placed in front of him, he can eat it completely. .
/In the real world, Liu Gan once trapped himself in some desperate situations due to wild adventures, but at that time he could at least find tree roots, bugs and the like from the surrounding environment, which were hard to eat. At least it would keep him hungry.
The situation now made him extremely desperate. The snow all over the mountains and plains covered everything and obscured everything. Even if Liu Gan ventured into the snow cave formed when the snow-spotted zombies crawled out, he could only touch the mountain. On the surface of the rock, not even frozen grass roots or leaves can be found.
/If the situation continues to deteriorate like this, Liu Gan may not die in the hands of pure white zombies in the end, but in extreme hunger without food, which really makes him unwilling.
While Liu Qian was experiencing hunger and cold in the ice and snow, Guo Tian and others had just come out of the warm bed.
Well, it is true that I just came out of the warm bed, and there is a heater in the room.
After Liu Gan was captured, the others were lucky enough not to be chased by other pure white zombies. They escaped to the vicinity of Tundra City yesterday. What surprised them was that Tundra City did not fall under hea