g Jian are both players with strong defense and low damage output, so they can only fight with them. Liu Qian and Liu Qian formed an alliance.

g Jian are both players with strong defense and low damage output, so they can only fight with them. Liu Qian and Liu Qian formed an alliance.
“We control the energy zombies in the front, attract the hatred of the energy zombies, and do a small amount of output at the same time. You will output vigorously from the back. The energy zombies we kill will be divided equally between the two teams.” Zhao Yu proposed to Liu Qian.
/“No problem.” Liu Qian nodded.
“You don’t have to feel any psychological pressure, so what if you lose this round of competition?” Zhao Yu patted Liu Gan on the shoulder.
“That’s not necessarily the case.” Liu Gan shook his head.
“Can the sneak attack you launched against that monkey be sustained?” Zhao Yu tried to ask Liu Qian.
“You’ll know later.” Liu Qian pretended.
“Okay! Let’s go over there! Try to win this round of competition!” Zhao Yu suddenly felt confident again.
He had previously thought, like Pu Sheng Monkey and Jiang Shuishui, that Liu Qian’s sneak attack on Pu Sheng Monkey, the series of fireballs, especially the death thunder, were caused by the use of some special treasures, and could not always be that high. Intensity output, but it might look a little different than what he imagined.
When following Zhao Yu and Wei Gongjian to the other direction, Liu Qian quietly released Chen Haiwang, and at the same time handed his energy glasses into Chen Haiwang’s hands and asked him to track him in the other direction.
As a sniper, Chen Haiwang has a strong tracking ability. Liu Gan’s task for him is to follow Pu Sheng Monkey and others, and when they beat an energy zombie until it is seriously injured and dying, find an opportunity to shoot a Remembering the Thunder Sniper, if he can grab one, Chen Haiwang can be promoted to level 15, and it will not take up the resources of him and Zhao Yu. Of course, if he has such an advantage, he will not take it for nothing.
/After following Zhao Yu forward in twists and turns for more than ten minutes, more body parts and meat appeared on the ground, and the air was filled with the smell of rotting corpses. Then, a zombie appeared in the front room. In the laboratory.
Others looked like the zombie was no different from ordinary zombies, but in Liu Gan’s eyes, the zombie was surrounded by some runes. Liu Gan could even feel the energy fluctuations in the zombie, which was a very strange thing. The powerful energy fluctuations, there is no doubt that this is the half-energy zombie that the mastermind mentioned to them before!
Liu Qian didn’t quite understand the connection between the half-energy zombie and his current half-energy state. He didn’t understand these scientific things very well. If Jiang Jinyuan was around and got such a half-energy zombie, , we may be able to draw some scientific conclusions.
But now Jiang Jinyuan is not around, and Liu Qian cannot take this half-energy zombie out of the mission world, so the research can only be put aside for the time being.
After the energy zombies discovered Zhao Yu and Liu