omed to the horrific scene in front of him.

omed to the horrific scene in front of him.
“My Wu Liang has at least found out that there is indeed a monster hiding in that house. No matter what the monster is, it is our target. Tomorrow, the third and fourth sons, you two will go together to get rid of the monster hidden in that house. Catch it for me! Remember, the monster is alive and the people inside can deal with it as you like.”
As soon as these words came out, the two villagers standing in the front row immediately stood up with a ferocious smile on their faces.
But at this moment, the sound of a bell came from the end of the village. The expressions of the villagers and the big man who heard the bell changed. The big man looked in the direction of the village entrance and murmured to himself: “It’s so late, who will come to us?” Village? ”
A young man sent by Uncle A was driving a car. Nagisa and I were sitting in the back seat. There were lights on the dark horizon in the distance. I opened the window and strong wind poured into the car, blowing on my face. superior. I closed my eyes for a moment and said, “The aura of monsters is so strong. I didn’t even know that there was a village of monsters here.”
“There are many things you don’t know. Most of the big monsters that exist today are It was at that time that they fell into the mortal world from the Xingyue Demon Palace. These guys were very good at that time, and it was nothing to transform into humans. After falling into the mortal world, they naturally had to cultivate their own power. Building one or two villages was not a big deal. .” Nagisa said, looking at the lights ahead.
“Xiao Li. Just stop next to the lone tree and I’ll go there myself.” I patted the driver on the shoulder and said.
After parking the car, Nagisa and I walked towards the village on foot. When I first arrived at the entrance of the village, I saw a large group of villagers standing at the entrance, although the light was not good. But I roughly estimated that there must be about two hundred people. If they are all monsters, then there are about two hundred monsters.
The dark-skinned, burly man took a few steps forward, looked at me and shouted, “Who are you? Outsiders are not welcome in our village. If you want to stay overnight, please leave as soon as possible.”
As soon as he finished speaking, I didn’t When I opened my mouth to answer, Nagisa climbed up from my back and onto my shoulders. He looked at the big man and said, “Daniu, don’t you remember your grandfather and me?”
/The big man was startled and stared at Nagisa for a few times before he recognized him. He said in surprise: “It’s you! Nagisa Yu! How did you become like this?”
“Haha, this is also thanks to you. You refined the body that I finally condensed, so now I can only stay in the hotel. In this kind of body.” Nagisa sneered.
“What do you want to do by bringing people to my place?”
/“I should ask you this! You didn’t take care of your pets last night. They came to my house and wanted to step on them, right? Did you want to catch them? M