ment.” Liu Qian pretended to be embarrassed.

ment.” Liu Qian pretended to be embarrassed.
“I’m just saying, you have to work hard! Try to have her as soon as possible. As long as you roll across the bed sheet and make her happy, she will agree to you no matter what happens in the future.” Chu Xiao taught Liu Qian A few words.
“Let it happen as it happens.” Liu Qian didn’t know how to answer Chu Xiao.
The two of them were talking and unknowingly came to the side of Building 3. There was indeed someone arguing here. On one side was a very strong middle-aged man, on the other was an old couple, and there was a girl sitting on the ground covering her head. Face crying.
There was a small car parked next to it, and a bicycle fell down beside the car. It looked like there was a small car accident in the community. Some residents looked at this from a distance, probably afraid of being affected, but no one came to stop the fight.
“Two old fools! Believe it or not, I’ll kill you if you don’t pay back the money?” The middle-aged man yelled at the old couple, and he was very fierce and wanted to rush forward and beat them.
“You hit someone but you made us pay money. Are you being unreasonable?” The old woman in the couple shouted back to the middle-aged man.
/“You still dare to be stubborn, right? I’ll beat you to death!” The middle-aged man suddenly rushed over and slapped the old woman on the face.
“Don’t hit my grandma!” The girl sitting on the ground suddenly stood up and pushed the middle-aged man.
“You little bitch is looking for death, right?” The middle-aged man kicked the girl in the stomach , causing the girl to sit on the ground, holding her stomach and crying loudly.
The middle-aged man rushed towards the girl again in annoyance, raised his foot and prepared to continue kicking the girl on the ground.
“Hey, hey, hey! If you have anything to say, please tell me, don’t get excited!” Chu Xiao rushed over and grabbed the middle-aged man.
“Aren’t you excited? Look how bad she scratched my car! She didn’t want to pay for it, but she blamed me for hitting her! What nonsense!” the middle-aged man said angrily to Chu Xiao.
“I was walking on the side of the road, and I was walking in front. He rushed over from behind and scratched me. It wasn’t me who scratched his car!” The girl raised her head and defended with great indignation. There was a big scratch on her knee. A piece of skin, still bleeding.
Liu Qian looked at the girl’s face and couldn’t help being a little stunned.
“Our Yan’er won’t lie! He must have hit our Yan’er!” The old woman said loudly and jealously to Chu Xiao and Liu Qian.
“Let me see if there is a camera there. It should be able to capture the scene just now. After watching the video, I will know who is responsible.” Chu Xiao looked around and said a few words to both parties.
“Watch a stupid video! She was the one who scratched my car! How dare she bite her back! Let’s see if I don’t kill your whole family!” When the middle-aged man heard about the video, he obviously felt guilty and reached out to push Chu Xiao awa