he two men beside Wang Decheng, who had been looking at Yinhe Lai non-stop, quickly restrained their gazes and did not dare to be so abrupt anymore.

he two men beside Wang Decheng, who had been looking at Yinhe Lai non-stop, quickly restrained their gazes and did not dare to be so abrupt anymore.
“Is it difficult to advance to level 4? Wouldn’t it be enough to kill more zombies? You originally had more than 300 people and only about 40 survived. Those who survived should have killed a lot of zombies and are stronger, right?” Liu Qian asked Wang Decheng a few questions with some confusion.
Zhang Shengli and Hu Rong, who were originally only at level 3, rose to level 4 within less than a day of following him.
“How can it be so easy to advance to level 4? If you are not talented enough, it will be useless to kill more zombies. Originally, Master Hu and a dozen level 4 masters came here. Yesterday morning, a mutated zombie somehow ran nearby. After a fierce battle, most of the Level 4 players were killed or injured, but Master Tiger was still so powerful that he finally killed the mutated zombie and successfully advanced to Level 5,” Wang Decheng said with a very emotional expression on his face.
“Level 4 to Level 5 is a critical point. No matter how many ordinary zombies you kill, it will be useless. You must kill at least one mutant zombie like Mr. Hu did.” A player next to Wang Decheng also added a few words, with a very expressive expression on his face. An envious expression.
“Mutated zombies? I’ve never encountered one before. What a pity.” Liu Qian continued to act unscrupulous.
“That’s because you are lucky. If you encounter it, you will definitely die.” Wang Decheng replied to Liu Gan. When the group of level 4 high-level players were surrounding the mutated zombies, they stood on the rooftop in the distance and watched. The tragedy is still fresh in their memories.
“Yes! Mutated zombies require a large number of players to pile up, and they also consume a lot of grenades and Molotov cocktails. Only the one with the best luck can kill the mutant zombies and advance to level 5.” The two players around Wang Decheng sighed together. stand up.
“But if you can reach level 4 alone, you are already very powerful and talented.” Wang Decheng said to Liu Qian again.
“Really?” Liu Gan smiled. He had been alone before and had no clear feelings about the players’ levels. But players like Wang Decheng and others are all gathered together, and they know that they have a crushing advantage in strength that is one level higher. Wang Decheng is only level 3, and the two people around him are only level 2. Facing Liu Qian, who claims to be level 4, he can only I can be in awe and envy.
Wang Decheng and Liu Gan were talking and took Liu Gan to the supermarket where the food was stored.
While passing a shelf, Liu Qian heard a burst of women crying and some strange noises coming from inside, and then there were men yelling and cursing. The women seemed to be begging the men not to do anything.
“Inside are the local survivors we captured, and someone is interrogating them.” Wang Decheng explained to Liu Gan and quickly led him in another direction.
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