arted to fight back and kill the members of the elite group who were watching the battle. !

arted to fight back and kill the members of the elite group who were watching the battle. !
“Why is this happening?” The patriarch Huang Zeming’s face changed drastically. He could not accept or believe what happened.
“We seriously underestimated Liu Gan’s strength. Actually, I didn’t underestimate him. The pistol team was arranged to assist Commander Ling, but Commander Ling was too self-willed and refused to obey my arrangements.” Yu Jingtang muttered and defended in a low voice. With.
“That’s enough! Stop talking!”
Huang Zeming punched the table in front of him. The death of Ling Fengyu and the members of the elite group were losses that he simply could not bear. Originally, with the comprehensive strength of the Glorious Years family, he could Qingzhu City was ranked among the top few. Unexpectedly, a plan to assassinate Liu Qian actually caused them to lose all their elites and suddenly became a second-rate family!
Yu Jingtang sighed longly and walked out of the house of the Glorious Years family. After a few minutes, Huang Zeming suddenly received a message, which was the message that Yu Jingtang had withdrawn from the family.
“Why? Why?” Huang Zeming looked up to the sky and sighed, with tears streaming down his face, and beating his feet and chest in great sorrow.
/The Glorious Years family should not have had Liu Qian’s idea in the first place, and should not have taken the initiative to provoke Liu Qian and become his enemy. They made an extremely wrong decision, and of course they have to pay for their mistake.
After Liu Gan killed Ling Fengyu, he went to kill the elite group of the Glorious Years Family. If the members of the elite group scattered at this time, they might not be killed by Liu Gan and the whole group was wiped out.
However, the members of these elite groups are usually arrogant, and at the same time they have their own dignity and are unwilling to let go of their brothers, so they work together to fight Liu Gan, but they are killed by Liu Gan and eventually the entire army is annihilated.
In addition to the equipment and items exploded from Ling Fengyu, a lot of blue-equipped weapons and equipment were also revealed from the players of the Glorious Years Elite Group. The weapons they revealed were mainly blue-equipped weapons. There were more than ten weapons in total. Look. It seems that the Glorious Years family has a very deep heritage indeed.
/When the clan members of the nearby Glorious Years family saw that the situation was not good, they all fled in all directions. Liu Qian was too lazy to chase them. When he turned around, he looted all the corpses at the scene.
The Glorious Years family wanted to kill Liu Qian to prevent Liu Qian from posing a threat to them in taking the purple equipment at the martial arts tournament three days later. They also robbed Liu Qian of all the equipment to enhance their own strength, but they ran out of tricks. In the end, all the accumulation of the entire family in the past few days was given to Liu Qian for free.