r opening the mechanical lock of the hatch.

r opening the mechanical lock of the hatch.
This key was indeed used to open the lock. After Zhao Meng inserted the key into the keyhole, he turned it a full circle and heard a ‘click! ‘When it clicked, it was obvious that the secondary key tooth had been ejected. Then Zhao Meng turned the key again. There was a soft sound of the lock bolt popping up around the circular alloy hatch. It was obvious that it had been opened correctly. .
/As Liu Qian guessed, there is a deep well below. There is an iron ladder on the wall of the well. You can go all the way down the iron ladder and shine it down with a flashlight. The well is about ten meters deep, but there is no water below. holding another hatch.
When Liu Gan was about to go down the iron ladder of the deep well, he was stopped by Yinhe. Obviously she wanted to go down first to see if it was safe inside, and didn’t want Liu Gan to take risks.
Liu Qian glanced at Yinhe with a complicated expression. Her power was only enough to last until this afternoon, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable, but he didn’t know what to say.
I hope I can find a suitable place to recharge her batteries as soon as possible.
Yinhe quickly went down the iron ladder to the bottom of the deep well. The hatch at the bottom of the deep well was not locked. After unscrewing the red bolt above, the hatch could be easily opened.
After opening the hatch, Yinhe went down to the space below, confirmed that everything was safe, and informed Liu Qian through the headset that he could come down.
Liu Gan led his team down the iron ladder one by one. Zhang Shengli and Wang Decheng followed behind. They went down the hatch and came to a large hall.
The emergency lights in the hall have been turned on by Yinhe. Although the lights are dim, there is no problem in seeing everything around him clearly. This hall is decorated like a Western-style house. It is very large, with a ceiling height of about four meters. There are Western-style sculptures on the walls, and there are several large sofas and a glass coffee table in the middle. The only difference from the hall on the first floor is the decoration. The style is different. The first floor is decorated in Chinese style, while here it is decorated in Western style.
Regardless of whether it is a Chinese-style decoration or a Western-style decoration, this place never looks like a laboratory.
Just as everyone was walking towards the depths of the hall, two women wearing waiter clothes came out of the corner with outstretched hands and greeted everyone. If it weren’t for their pale complexions and the black stains on their mouths, these two would have been first-class beauties.
Two team members rushed over, one of them gave them a tip with an ax and chopped them to the ground, and then everyone continued to walk inside.
“The waterproofing here is really good. It must have been a big project at the beginning. Otherwise, if such an underground building was built in the river, and there were thunderstorms and tornadoes for days, the