her person now bears the identity and destiny of Antigonus.

If the former is the subject, Klein can completely ignore it:
/What is the relationship between Klein Moretti’s failure to be promoted and Antigonus becoming “The Fool”?
And when the subject becomes Antigonus, it seems like a prophecy, like an arrangement, like a sentence that first determines the result and then gives the reason can make the situation very serious:
If Klein does not give up Antigonus’s identity and destiny, he will be limited by these words;
If he gives up the identity and destiny of Antigonus, then the Sequence 9 to Sequence 1 extraordinary characteristics in his body will no longer truly “belong” to him and have not been digested – that is what Antigonus once The extraordinary characteristics of control currently have nothing to do with Klein Moretti, he just swallowed them forcefully.
In this case, even if there are no other factors, just those undigested extraordinary characteristics, there is a high probability that Klein will lose control on the spot. And in this state, taking the “Fool” potion and completing the promotion ceremony will undoubtedly There is no possibility of success!
When the ancient sun god wrote these words, the “Eternal Blazing Sun”, “Lord of Storms” and “God of Knowledge and Wisdom” in the star world all noticed something, and each made the most violent counterattack, trying to interfere with the other’s. action.
However, even if most of his energy was devoted to restricting these three true gods, even if it seemed quite difficult, the ancient sun god still quickly completed the words.
But the huge light and shadow of His incarnation has obviously dimmed a lot, and it seems that it can no longer last for long.
In the star realm, in the floating ancient palace.
The battle between the “Mother Goddess of the Earth” and the “God of Steam and Machinery” against the “Original Witch” and the “Hidden Sage” has become fierce again. However, the first two can still spare a certain amount of power to exert force on Amon’s clone. influence and prevent them from destroying Klein’s promotion ceremony.
The ammons were forced to “flash” everywhere, but some of them still turned into plants, blossomed and bore fruit, and returned to the earth. Some of them collapsed into words and were printed in illusory books.
In addition to these, a large part of them is strengthening the seal and restricting the “Trunsoest Brass Book” so that the rules it establishes cannot take effect or can only work for a moment.
Under the influence of these three aspects, even the number of Amons seems to be somewhat insufficient.
But even so, a small number of them still seized the opportunity to let Klein’s figure be reflected on the crystal-ground monocle and similar circle symbols.
The next second, those monocles and circle symbols all bloomed with pure light.
This is not “stealing” but giving back.
The Amons chose this moment to return to each other what they had “stolen” from Klein.
That was Klein’s suicidal idea!
/When Klein was c