ell, but I think you can understand what I mean.”

Klein was stunned for a while, then responded thoughtfully:
“Extraordinary people acquire extraordinary characteristics just like humans enjoy food?
“Then, have a peaceful mind and don’t have too exclusive ideas. You should fight but also cooperate, suppress and integrate?”
“That’s probably true.” Audrey just finished speaking and smiled self-deprecatingly, “However, this seems to have a bad meaning. Human beings will eventually die, and extraordinary people…”
She didn’t finish her sentence because she didn’t want to irritate the patient opposite.
She turned and said:
“Two more times in this week, I can almost maintain my mental stability in a normal state, well, normal state.
“Also, at other times, you can go to places you miss or yearn for.”
Klein nodded and said directly:
“What do you think about the ‘rage’ proposal?”
The smile on Audrey’s face slowly disappeared, and her expression gradually became serious:
“What do you suggest?”
Klein put down his tea cup and said calmly:
“Strictly speaking, the dangers you bring are divided into two categories: one is that you are actively or passively involved in something, attracting powerful enemies to yourself, affecting family members, relatives, friends and innocent people; the other is that you are actively or passively involved in something. One is that your own existence allows certain forces to choose to attack the people you value most in order to threaten you.
“Under such a premise, the favor of the ‘Night Goddess’ to the Hall family and the protection of you by Mr. Fool are enough to deal with the rare danger and ensure the safety of your family.
“So, there is no need to separate an identity.”
Audrey was silent for a while, bit her lower lip invisibly, and asked:
“What if you want to split an identity?”
“As long as you let that identity believe in Mr. Fool, it’s not much different from what I just said. The only difference is that from now on, you have to stay away from your relatives and friends, and live and act with another identity.” Klein His voice was a little deeper and he said with a bit of solemnity, “Besides, are you sure you can let Hermes help you separate your identities?”
/Audrey was disturbed by this question, her eyes moved slightly and she said:
“However, dividing identities should be the extraordinary ability of the Sequence 3 ‘Dream Weaver’.”
She certainly couldn’t do it on her own.
The corners of Klein’s mouth curled up slightly, and he suddenly asked:
“You can rely on that ‘arrogant’ mask to directly enter the ‘Garden of Eden’?”
Because Audrey couldn’t take the initiative to mention the Psychological Alchemy Society, he pointed out the key point very directly.
Audrey nodded slightly, and said as if she was surprised, confused, and guessing something:
“I can’t pay equivalent compensation, and…”
Before she could finish speaking, Klein said with a stern expression:
“On the one hand, Adam betrayed Mr. Fool and almost killed me. On the other hand, the end is approac