After the warrior fell to the shore with scars and was swallowed by witch insects, Atman and Liulinus, who did not hesitate in the face of Arisius’s sacrifice and continued to flee resolutely, had taken advantage of the endless darkness and disappeared into the night. middle.
After the enemy escaped, Zhang Lisheng, who drove the toad to jump into the sea, stood up from the beach and murmured, “Run away…
Alas, if there is a crocodile dragon that can fly in the clouds and mist, they will definitely die tonight.”, everywhere. In the fog of flying insects, no one could be seen clearly, and they slowly found their way to Tina and the others.
“Tina, are you okay?”
/“I’m okay, I’m okay, Li Sheng, Li Sheng, I remember, me, our terrible encounter in the Amazon, and yours, your mountain toad, island dragon… who
are those people, them, why are they Able to fly like Superman, and still so strong…
Oh hell, it was just a scene from a fantasy movie…” ”
Those people are from another world…
Forget it, these are not important, I will explain it to you later, now The important thing is that we leave Oahu immediately. The two people who escaped have no way out. God knows what they will do.” ”
I have a yacht license and I also have a yacht at Hanalei Pier…” ”
Then what are we waiting for? ?”
“Then Alice…”
“She is dead, and the new ‘beach boys’ you met. Liulinus’s spell killed them and many innocent people on the beach, but she brought it upon herself. .
We should leave Tina. When the police arrive, it will be difficult to escape.” Zhang Lisheng took Tina’s hand and ran into the lobby of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel with the shocked Tina and Shelia.
There was a long queue at the lobby front desk, all of them were guests waiting to check out. Apparently the strange scene on the beach frightened many people.
Feeling that the wait for check-out was too long, Zhang Lisheng led the three girls through the panicked crowd without even checking out the room, walked out of the hotel quickly, and stopped a taxi on the street.
When the four people rushed to Hanalei Pier, thirteen kilometers west of Honolulu, the American federal army, made of hundreds of millions of tons of cement and steel, was at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base, the most powerful and solid fortress in the Pacific. .
/A middle-aged officer of moderate height, slightly thin figure, ordinary appearance, but extremely serious and sharp eyes, was striding towards the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, ignoring the officers who stood at attention and saluted him from time to time in the brightly lit spacious corridor. official office.
“Major Meg, General Orodi is in a meeting…” Seeing him coming from a distance, the ‘Star Officer’ standing in front of the commander’s office and the secretary standing up in a hurry said nervously at the same time.
“Then let him suspend the meeting,” the middle-aged officer said expressionlessly, pushing aside the star officer and pushing open the office door. “The lives of frontline soldiers are mo