arisma: 24+2 points.

arisma: 24+2 points.
His attributes are still terrifyingly balanced!
The common skills of talent are “Wudang Sword Technique”, “Zongyun Ladder”, and “Sword Pierces the Clouds”.
Special talents: King’s heart, chivalrous heart, and army-breaking heart.
The “king’s heart” is a deterrent to others. “Chivalrous Heart” is a personal assistance to Li Shuangmu. The “Heart of Destroying the Army” learned on the battlefield in “Red Cliff” is a group auxiliary skill. People under Li Shuangmu’s command will gain “invigoration” and “fighting spirit” effects, and various attributes will be slightly improved. Theoretically, the more people under command, the greater the increase.
Then strengthen the skill, “Simplify Dugu Nine Swords”. As well as various skills with auxiliary effects of the “Broken Nine Suns Divine Art”.
Li Shuangmu did not hide any information.
/After seeing Li Shuangmu’s message, Wei Pun and Du Junlan opened their mouths and were speechless.
Next Tang Rouyu.
Lifespan: 85. Life: 45 points. Power score: 50. Intelligence: 4 points. Strength 19. Agility: 24 points. Smart 22 points. Defense 19 points. Perception: Blackjack. Charisma: 19 points.
The innate skill is “Tang Sect Guanyin Hand”.
/The enhancement is the improvement of the good wind attribute ability of the first-year student. The enhanced skill is “Precise Wind Control”.
Bai Lu couldn’t help but said: “Don’t be deceived by Miss Tang’s information. She is the ‘Five Poison Leader’ of our class. Her ability to use poison is just new!”
Ouyang Mu spat: “You If you don’t speak, no one will think you are dumb. What a ‘Five Poison Leader’!” Bai Lu smiled “hehe” and then said: “Well, it’s my turn!”
Bai Lu’s lifespan: 40. Life: 45 points. Blood energy: 30. intelligence:? ? (hidden). Power 23. Agility: 24 points. Dexterity 25 points. Defense 26 points. Perception: 22 points. Charm: 11 points.
As for innate skills, Bai Lu doesn’t have any. This is indeed strange.
Then there are the “Blood Werewolf” bloodline skills of the freshman excellent level: Blood Wolf Transformation: Transform into a blood werewolf, continuously consuming blood energy, +15 life, +10 points of strength, -2 intelligence, +5 points of agility, dexterity, defense, Perception! At the same time, the self-healing ability is doubled! The blood claw tears and breaks the defense, causing continuous bleeding effect. Blood Fang Bite: If the difference between your own strength and the opponent’s defense is within 10, bite regardless of the defense effect, and at the same time inject “blood poison” into the enemy, causing it to fall into a “crazy” state!
It is worth mentioning that after the school sports meeting, the overall comprehensive evaluation reached 100. Then those who are willing to strengthen are strengthened to the “excellent” level. As for those who are unwilling to improve their strength through strengthening, such as Yin Kuang, Tang Rouyu, and Zeng Fei, there is no such thing.
Then Ouyang Mu showed his attribute panel first. However, most of the above is “??”, w