ping an eye on me?” “No

ping an eye on me?” “No
, I’m practicing witchcraft again. He became a good fighter, lost his temper, and went astray at a young age, so I won’t watch him specifically. Anyway, there will always be opportunities to meet him in the future.”
I heard what Consultant Zheng said. Old man Xu, who was also working hard, felt sad and angry in his heart, but he could only keep smiling, “In that case, then Consultant Zheng, Director Hu, and I will go out first.” ”
/Well, you and Team Leader Cui first Go down.” The middle-aged woman nodded, and Old Man Xu and Cui Xiaodong immediately walked out of the room with relief.
Although things had some twists and turns, they finally came to a successful conclusion. The two of them got off their arms easily and saw Zhang Lisheng sitting thoughtfully on the sofa in the hotel lobby for guests to rest, burying his head in his thoughts.
Lu Qing and others showed concern for the injustice on their faces. They gathered around the young man and watched with cold eyes.
“How about Team Leader Lu? My nephew is not to be trifled with.” Seeing this situation, Old Man Xu walked up to Zhang Lisheng with a playful smile and patted him on the shoulder. Later, you will report your origin to Team Leader Cui. From now on, you will be a native of the country, so work hard…”
My place of origin is Toad Village, a suburb of Jushan City in western Sichuan. When I was fifteen, my father died and my mother got married, so I stopped going to school and went out to work all the time. That’s where it comes from.”
“ This, this is too simple.”
In this case, of course he would not tell his true origin, and casually said: “My father’s surname is Hu, and my mother’s surname is Li. They named me Hu Lisheng.”
“Okay, my Cui Dazhu Sir, do you think that people who practice witchcraft can be like you, get whatever they want, and just become a witch can catch a ‘golden bull bug’ with magical powers!
You can’t get a life like winning a lottery ticket. Most ordinary witch practitioners will have a bad life. Speaking of which, people like me, who have both children and children, are considered blessed. ”
Isn’t Lu Qing just like me? He caught the magician who had magical powers after becoming a witch…” ”
Isn’t that because Team Leader Lu is not an ordinary person?”
It’s done, you young masters don’t understand the suffering of the common people. This is called having the same people but different lives.” Old man Xu said with a sad face and patted Zhang Lisheng on the shoulder: “Don’t embarrass me, my nephew. Yes, Team Hu Ling said to keep everything simple…”
Zhang Lisheng didn’t appreciate it. His body shook slightly, and with the help of his feet, he sat forcefully and shook the old man’s arm away. He smiled and said: “Uncle, I informed you of the origin. , it can be regarded as joining the group. Do you want to advance some of the rewards you mentioned? ”
What’s the point of joining a gang? Well, how can it be called ‘joining a gang’ when doing things for freedom and the country? Moreover,