s is correct, is the ability given by the G virus.”

s is correct, is the ability given by the G virus.”
Yin Kuang coughed a few times, and was about to cough out his throat. Xue swallowed back, nodded, and then said: “What I just said was the auxiliary skill of the first level awakening of the Purple Dragon Soul, ‘True Dragon Purple Soul’, which increases the power of all attack situations. The greater the soul power consumed, the greater the increase. The stronger I am. Since I don’t have much soul power, I only consumed 4 points.”
Xiong Ba wiped away the blood on his cheek, which was scratched out by Yin Kuang’s green sword just now. “Does it only consume 4 points of soul power? Interesting. Then,” Xiong Ba clenched his fists and said, “Use whatever skills you have.”
Nodding, Yin Kuang retracted the moon blade and held the Qingzhi sword tightly in one hand. Because he found that the combination of one sword and one sword had almost no advantage in the face of Xiong Ba’s quick reaction. Instead, it would restrict his movements, so he simply used the Qingzhi Sword. At the same time, it is also freeing up for another weird ability.
This is an ability that seems to exist specifically for assassination!
The distance was shortened again, and the green sword was slashed again.
This time, Xiong Ba instantly changed his fists into claws. The open five fingers were instantly enveloped in a translucent blood-colored solution. This time, Xiong Ba directly clasped his hands together, and then grabbed the green sword that was coming.
/Qiang Qiang
used his flesh claws to grab the green beast, and it made the sound of sharp metal rubbing against each other.
Then, the Qingzhi Sword was pulled to the left by Xiong Ba, and Yin Kuang’s body was pulled to the left. Then, Xiong Ba’s majestic body collided directly with Yin Kuang. With a “bang” sound, Yin Kuang took a few steps back, and then instantly bullied him in with another whip kick.
But this time Yin Kuang, who was prepared, dodged. And a sweep of his leg hit the leg that Xiong Ba was supporting.
Just when he was about to hit the leg, a similarly translucent blood-colored solution instantly surged out and wrapped around the leg. And Yin Kuang’s sweeping kick did hit the target. But the one who made a “snort” was also Yin Kuang.
Enduring the burning pain in his footsteps, Yin Kuang quickly rolled away and avoided Xiong Ba’s trample. But the ground was cracked piece by piece. It is not difficult to imagine what would happen if this foot stepped on Yin Kuang.
However, Yin Kuang, who had dodged, rushed in again.
/This abnormal behavior made Xiong Ba alert.
At the same time as Yin Kuang clapped his palm, a roar like a dragon’s roar came from Yin Kuang’s mouth, and it used the “Dragon’s Breath” amplified by the “True Dragon Purple Soul”.
The sound waves containing magical power penetrated into Xiong Ba’s ears.
However, Xiong Ba’s eyes suddenly fell into darkness, and then, a palm wind came over. It was not that he heard the palm wind, but that his body felt it.
“He clearly had a green sword