eaner than the plate in front of her, and she usually had enough to eat. Not bad.

eaner than the plate in front of her, and she usually had enough to eat. Not bad.
“So your parents are gone? What about other relatives? Do you know any of them?”
Hearing Benjamin ask this, Olivia shook her hand, looking a little lonely. If there were other relatives here, she would not be living like this. life.
She had the impression that her parents came from Canada to work. One day when she was in elementary school, she was taken to an orphanage. After crying for a long time, she realized that her parents had been in a car accident and would never come back.
The orphanage arranged for many families to let her go there. Some couples were very kind to her, but Olivia could never adapt and could not speak. She locked herself in a room all day long and was sent back without exception. Several times in a row After that, she was allowed to stay in the orphanage.
Olivia looked at the hateful boy next to her, then at Benjamin, and raised her hands to point at each other.
“I work for his father and am a helicopter pilot. I happened to pass by here yesterday.” Benjamin understood what she meant and explained.
Benjamin had just given Olivia food, and now she had finished eating. She was surprised how such a thin person could eat so much food. He wiped his mouth and got up to call and ask the room service staff to send more.
/It was originally scheduled to set off at eight o’clock, but now that there was an extra girl, the boy and Benjamin thought they couldn’t do it without leaving Olivia alone.
Just like encountering an injured deer on the edge of the jungle, those who have the ability to save it will not turn a blind eye and let the deer fend for itself.
After thinking about it, she simply called her grandfather and told him about the incident. Mr. Han helped with the idea and asked the manager of the SOS convenience store in the Salt Lake City branch to come over and arrange for her to go to school.
It was just a small thing, and it was regarded as charity, but Olivia felt sorry for it, shook her head, and planned to refuse.
Han Xuan couldn’t just watch her continue to be a thief. Besides, relying on her three-legged cat skills alone, she would definitely starve to death on the roadside.
He simply said: “You go to the store to help during the holidays. You are not old enough now. It is illegal to hire child labor. The expenses for study and life will be lent to you in advance as remuneration for your labor. You will pay it back slowly in the future.” It
was just a secret conversion . After understanding the concept, Olivia was still confused when she heard Han Xuan’s voice again: “That’s it. Wait for him to come over and help you arrange a place to stay. Seeing how fluently you just wrote, you should go to school.” Are you going to school?”
There was a knock on the door outside, and Benjamin agreed. The waiter opened the door and pushed the cart in. Olivia stared over there without blinking, remembering that she was still talking to someone, and must have nodded.
“Then you go to school to g