is also means that those ‘civilized people’ are very likely to be far away. They understand their protectors better than the ‘Hellmen’.

is also means that those ‘civilized people’ are very likely to be far away. They understand their protectors better than the ‘Hellmen’.
“Civilization and barbarism, stupidity and wisdom are sometimes really interesting things…” After thinking about this clearly, Zhang Lisheng picked up the fragment of ‘Golden Pill’ on his finger and looked at it. The ‘Corpse Monster’ on the beach looked at Aruba again and said with some emotion.
At this time, a ‘Tudenan’ warrior with two feathers in his head walked up to him and offered a small grain in his hands. Fragment said respectfully: “Aggressors, we have carefully searched the beach within a thousand steps, and there is only this small luminous pebble left.
“Fifty-five pills are enough. ” “Zhang Lisheng took the last fragment of the ‘Golden Pill’ from the hands of the short but strong native in front of him, murmured something, and suddenly drove the witch bugs that netted the dead corpse monster to turn into silk threads all over the sky, and returned to the form of a four-sided spider. Look.
Then he jumped on the back of the witch insect, and under the horrified eyes of the natives, rode the ‘Ghost Face’ back to the ‘Tudenan’ tribe.
/From then on, Zhang Lisheng hid in the tribe that he had already transformed into In the big tree house of the Standard Laboratory, various jungle animals from the ‘Ocean Shrimp Island B1’ are used to conduct human experiments on ‘Golden Elixir’ transplantation.
Because the genes of the animals in the ‘Ocean Shrimp World II’ are genetically different from those of the earth’s creatures. There must be some discrepancies in the benchmark, so this is a necessary optimization process.
Various types of stabilizers must be re-mixed when they are used up;
When the experimental materials were lacking, the hunters of ‘Tudenan’ were ordered to capture them alive. Even the primate experimental subjects in the final stage of development were directly used from the tribe’s Luo. The beast came instead. Finally, a month later, Zhang Lisheng prepared a medicine that he thought was more suitable for the natives of the ‘different world’ based on the ‘stabilizer’ developed by Stephen. It can be said that the reason why
he was able Success is entirely because ‘optimization’ is thousands of times simpler than ‘innovation’.
After the reagents were prepared successfully, the fifty-five ‘golden elixir’ fragments on Zhang Lisheng’s hand had decayed and seven of them had been scrapped. His appearance had also changed into long hair and beard, unkempt appearance, and exhaustion.
“Great attacker, you, you came from the wooden house…” The tribal leader, who was sitting cross-legged on the animal skin and pretending to be a ghost, saw the curtain lifted, and the attacker suddenly strode in, and hurriedly He said while lying on his stomach.
/He had just said half a sentence when Zhang Lisheng loudly ordered: “Tugla, go down immediately to deliver the order. I want to find some Tudenan people who are willing to accept the gift of ‘spellcasting power’.