ut, taking a person with him.

That was one of the four Beyonders he had rescued before, Beldan native Byers!
/“Go in and quickly flip through the brass book.” Klein pointed to “0-02” on the rectangular table and said calmly to Byers.
Byers didn’t know what exactly happened, but he believed more in this magical “magician” who fulfilled his two wishes. He felt that he had found a way to get the entire Beldan out of trouble, so after taking a breath, He walked into the shrunken municipal library through the open floor-to-ceiling windows.
During this process, he was not severely punished or even whipped!
Seeing this scene, the smile on Klein’s face became more obvious.
A paradox appears in “0-02”!
Because of the existence of Arrods, the “Brass Book of Trunsoest” can only impose the most comprehensive prohibition, prohibiting any creature or thing from causing any damage to Beldan in any sense.
As a city, Beldan’s definition definitely includes not only the terrain and buildings, but also the people and citizens here.
In this way, if “0-02″ punishes Beldan citizen Byers and causes damage to him in any sense, then it violates the rule just promulgated, and if it does not punish him, it violates ” “No breaking into the municipal library” was a series of laws, so the “Trunsoest Brass Book” entered a kind of endless loop!
Of course, Klein believes that this level of paradox will soon be corrected through supplementary provisions. He only hopes that Byers can flip through the brass book before then and find clues to the seal from it!
“Always pay attention to the page that is open now. Once there is an article on it that is about to take shape, come out immediately.” Klein stared at Byers and “0-02” and warned.
Although Byers has witnessed Phil’s severed hand, Weber’s hanging, and Mr. “Magician”‘s insects gathering into hands, he has a certain understanding of the terrifying changes brought about by “0-02”, but after all, his level is not enough. , I don’t see it, and I don’t have a very clear grasp of the horror hidden behind these things. I understand it more as a ghost story turned into reality.
So, at this moment, he was afraid. Under the gaze of the magical “magician” and the angel on earth, he still mustered up the courage and quickly approached the rectangular table. Of course, this also had the “sailor” path itself. certain impact.
In just two or three steps, Byers reached a place where he could reach out and touch the brass book.
Without thinking, he stretched out his right palm, grabbed the brass pages in front of “0-02”, and turned them over quickly.
During this process, Byers kept the back of his hand resting on the unfilled brass page to prevent it from being blocked, so that he, Mr. Magician and Ms. Angel could observe the changes on it in time and advance in advance. respond.
Amidst the clattering sound, the “sailor” saw the clause that “touching the ‘Trunsoest Brass Book’ will result in the death penalty”. He felt panic at first, and then a strong doubt arose in his heart. He was unsure about h