in the Hawaiian Islands was in the summer, but now he saw his father’s appearance and suddenly understood.

in the Hawaiian Islands was in the summer, but now he saw his father’s appearance and suddenly understood.
He expressed the questions that had been accumulating in his heart: “What happened to the ranch?”
“The newly grown alfalfa has downy mildew. It happened when we first bought the ranch. It has not been as serious as this year in several years.”
Father Han said, looking at Anya and couldn’t help but smile, walking around his son and her As they chatted cordially, the boy’s grandmother and mother did the same, pulling Lady Cecilia to greet her.
/After a long time, he remembered that he had a son. Facing Han Xuan’s angry gaze, Han’s father continued: “Fortunately, the forage in the spring has just been harvested, and the yield is quite large. Not all of it was sold. Old Barton and the others spread alfalfa.” Organic pesticides, but the effect doesn’t seem to be very good. Several pastures around here have also contracted the disease, which is more serious than our pasture.” “
This disease will cause the alfalfa to die, and if it survives, it will also affect the yield. There are too many livestock in the snow mountain pasture. , the rations for the winter will not be enough if we continue like this.”
Han Xuan was relieved when he learned that the animals were fine. Everything else was easy to talk about. He breathed a sigh of relief and asked: “Then what’s the use of calling you back? You don’t know how to treat them.” ”
I Aren’t you afraid that the cowboys will be worried, especially Old Button? He is old, has a hot temper, and downy mildew cannot be cured. He is worried about what to do if there are three pros and cons
. Barton was sad for several days. Han Xuan knew his character very well, and it was really possible that he looked up and said, like his father said, “Then what are you still doing here? Mr. Benjamin should be back. If you leave at night, you can arrive tomorrow morning.”
“I don’t have the body like you. I’m old and can’t stand long-distance flights by helicopter. I’ve already booked a flight for tomorrow morning. I’ll take a night’s rest before going back.” “I just happened
to go to Montana State University-Billings. , ask Professor Andrew for help, by the way, he is Martinez’s former teacher, and I heard he is quite proficient in this field.” After Father Han finished speaking, he followed the old man into the house.
The boy’s grandma asked Butler Adolf to order the kitchen to prepare some supper. She smiled and invited Mrs. Cecilia to sit in the living room, and poured a glass of juice for Anya. She was extremely enthusiastic.
Sitting next to his father, Han Xuan asked worriedly: “Martinez’s teacher?”
The father and son looked at each other, confirming that each other was worried about the same thing. Han’s father said helplessly: “At least he is a professor, maybe Martinez is stupid and hasn’t learned anything from him. Let’s try it first. The Ministry of Agriculture is also thinking of a solution. Okay, okay, let’s not talk about this. You can take Anya to see the p