era can provide more “sources”! After condensing the “axis”, the “source” becomes the most important energy that plays an absolute role in battle.

era can provide more “sources”! After condensing the “axis”, the “source” becomes the most important energy that plays an absolute role in battle.
“Is this all you can do?” Lu Xialeng rushed over, Fang Tian slashed his halberd from a distance, and a huge flame blade shot out.
Every time you take a step, you gain wisdom. You must quickly obtain more “sources”.
As Yin Kuang rotated the “axis” to remove the energy that knocked him away, he stabilized his body. I thought to myself, wondering if there is anything else that can replace the energy of the “source”.
Yin Kuang laughed loudly, smashed out a stick, and said: “It’s just a lie that I don’t understand how to use the ‘axis’. Now I’ll show you, I may not be inferior to you!” The purple
dragon collided with the flame knife, and the red and purple color Flames flew, blocking the space between the two.
Yin Kuang suddenly rushed out of the wall of flames, “Take my stick!”
The Ruyi Golden Cudgel suddenly became thicker and hit Lu Xialeng with the stick.
Lu Xia sneered and turned the “axis” crazily, “So what if it gets bigger? You are not as good as me, so you will lose this time!”
Without any suspense, the sticks and halberds collided.
However, the result was that Lu Xia snorted coldly and flew backwards like a cannonball!
“How is that possible!?” Lu Xialeng even forgot to stop himself, his beautiful eyes widened in disbelief.
Yin Kuang did indeed use the “axis” just now. But he obviously didn’t have enough “source”, how could he release a blow that was enough to knock him back!
What’s going on?
The next moment, a palm pressed on her back, and Lu Xialeng’s body stopped.
/Lu Xia Leng reacted, slipped away like the wind, and then turned to look at Yin Kuang, “How did you do it?”
Yin Kuang smiled slightly and said, “You also said that the wishful stick is a ‘shaft’. And The power of the dragon soul can drive the wishful stick. So, to a certain extent, the power of the dragon soul and the ‘source’ are actually similar. So I use the ‘axis’ method to use the wishful stick. Moreover, the wishful stick is driven by the power of the dragon soul. It’s not the soul power of the purple dragon.”
“It’s not the soul power of the purple dragon? What is that?”
“The soul power of the candle-bearing ancestral dragon!”
That’s right, the soul power that Yin Kuang injected into the Ruyi Golden Cudgel just now is not the purple dragon. The soul power is the “power of the ancestral dragon” that was taken back from “Jun”. As for what happened to Jun, no need to ask? Yin Kuang had many reasons to kill him, but could not find any reason to keep him.
Originally, Yin Kuang thought that it might take some effort and time to control the “Power of the Ancestral Dragon”, but in the end Yin Kuang gained control of the “Power of the Ancestral Dragon” effortlessly. After truly experiencing the power of the “Ancestral Dragon Power”, Yin Kuang understood why “Jun” looked down on Zhu Dui’s purple dragon soul power and focused on controlling the Ancestral Dragon Pow