In his common sense, free is the most expensive

Sharon sat there quietly, and after a few seconds she briefly explained:
“After blowing up the entrance, I’m the only one who can get in and out.”
“That in itself is something I hope to do.”
/In other words, if you plan to get rid of the evil spirits when you are confident enough, harvesting the items inside and blowing up the exit will actually help you eliminate interference and possible covetous people. After all, extraordinary beings from other sequences cannot pass through like spirits. Huge boulders and soil, yes, except for those in the “apprentice” path, but they don’t know about the underground buildings. Klein nodded suddenly and said:
“make a deal”
After finishing speaking, he quickly added:
/“Well, you can borrow a few more men from Maric, men with strict mouths. These are the helpers you can show to Miller Carter.”
“Okay.” Sharon did not refuse.
Klein deliberately did not mention the reward for this, and said with a smile:
“Then it will be ten o’clock tomorrow morning.”
“We have to survey the surrounding terrain in advance so that the blasting cannot cause obvious damage.”
Sharon nodded gently, and her figure gradually faded and disappeared.
On Saturday morning, Hudilcha took a public carriage to the East District again to confirm whether his commission had paid off.
While waiting to transfer, she suddenly had the urge to buy a newspaper and read it.
She took out a 1-penny coin, bought a copy of the Backlund Post from the newsboy next to her, and read through it quickly.
“This newspaper reported that at 7:10 last night, a serious explosion occurred in the apartment at No. 1 Dharavi Street in the East District. It was suspected to be caused by a gas leak. In Room 6 on the third floor where the explosion occurred, the tenant died on the spot. Not even a complete body was left behind. As of midnight, the explosion killed three people and injured 16 people.”
No. 6, 3rd Floor, Apartment No. 1, Dharavi Street. Isn’t this the place where Williams rented? He died in an explosion caused by a gas leak. No, no, absolutely not. He would not have the luxury of using gas at all, even there. He has just accepted my commission. Is it because of this? However, Lanerwus is a wanted criminal. He found that someone is looking for him. In other places, there is no need to kill people to keep secrets. This will easily expose the problem.
The way this thing was done is so weird and radical, it looks like it was done by a madman.
He’s obviously just a fraudster
poor williams
I, I will definitely avenge you
The truth will be found out
Xio looked sadly and solemnly at the public carriage parked in front of him, but did not get on.
She knew it would be very dangerous to go to the East Side now.
She planned to go back immediately and tell Fors to temporarily move to the spare rental house. She would disguise herself, sneak into the East District, ask acquaintances, initially figure out the whole story, and catch the traces left by the murderer.
Hey, Miss Au