ffensive rebound.

Sun Hao was originally preparing to attack with the ball, but what happened next made him somewhat unexpected.
Kobe ran past him and took the ball directly from Duncan.
/you are vicious!
Although I didn’t know what Kobe was thinking before, it can be seen from Kobe’s actions after the game started that he is going for the MVP.
In other words, two people want to be together.
Kobe dribbled the ball to the frontcourt himself, without waiting for anyone else to get in position, and directly accelerated past Kidd to the basket and scored on a pull-up rebound.
He scored 2 goals in the opening game!
Iverson continued to play for Jordan in the frontcourt. He wore the No. 6 jersey tonight and played nothing like himself.
People who didn’t know better thought he was possessed by his soul.
However, Jordan didn’t take the shot himself this time. He signaled Yao Ming to drop low and directly fed the ball in.
Yao Ming caught the ball and faced Duncan who turned and shot continuously, but Duncan saw the right opportunity and gave him a big risk.
The rebound was grabbed by Garnett.
Kobe took the ball from Garnett again.
The Western team plays fast break.
Kobe faced Kidd’s three-step layup on a fast break.
This time Kidd’s quick eyesight and hands almost knocked the ball away.
Although this is the All-Star Game, he still has to save face for someone else!
Kobe kept scoring on him, he really thought he was Nash!
The Western team plays the ball in the frontcourt and Nowitzki serves from outside the court.
Kobe ran over and stretched out his hand to continue asking for the ball, but Nowitzki didn’t give it to him.
He also felt that Kobe only had eyes for the frame tonight.
That approach is obviously inappropriate in the All-Star game.
He finally threw the ball to Sun Hao at the farther end.
After receiving the ball, Sun Hao organized a wave. Duncan put up a screen. Sun Hao broke into the basket and attracted defensive points to Garnett, who performed a two-handed dunk.
Garnett glanced at Sun Hao after dunking.
Although he doesn’t like Sun Hao, compared with Kobe, Sun Hao is obviously better.
As the game went on, not only Kobe, but everyone on the Western Conference team felt that Kobe was going to steal the MVP.
Although some balls had to be given, they still felt a little uncomfortable.
In the Lakers, O’Neal has a good temper, and others don’t dare to say anything.
But in the All-Star game, which one is not the core of their respective teams?
They don’t like the feeling of watching other people play at all.
However, this situation is obviously not a good thing, especially if the goal is to win.
At the end of halftime, the score on the court was 58 to 52, and the Eastern team ended the half with a 6-point lead.
Although Jordan, who started the game, made 3 of 10 shots from the field, and Iverson only made 4 shots, his offensive desire was low. However, Tracy McGrady, who came off the bench, performed bravely.
He continued his hot form before