/Zhuge Liang did not do this to set himself on fire. It was his wife, Huang Yueying, who taught him to do this. Through the wooden bird message, Huang Yueying already knew that someone was releasing poisonous poison. Although the erudite and talented Mrs. Zhuge did not have a way to cure the poison, she did have a way to prevent it.
That is to use fire and roast at high temperature!
Don’t tell me, this method really works. Almost at the same moment when the fire broke out in Sun Camp, the spread of poisonous poison was curbed, and subsequently the number of infected people was greatly reduced. At the same time, many famous Soochow doctors are also thinking hard about ways to detoxify.
/However, although Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu took effective measures, Sun Ying’s losses were still very heavy.
We “sent ghost soldiers” at midnight last night. Today at dusk, spies came to report that there were countless soldiers infected with poison and poison on the other side of the river. The conservative estimate of the dead soldiers was around 7,000, while those who were bedridden were still struggling on the line of life and death. Soochow soldiers numbered tens of thousands. You know, because Liu Bei led his army to leave, Sun Wu’s number dropped sharply. Later, he urgently mobilized troops from all over the country and barely managed to collect 40,000. At this moment, after the poisonous poison attack, a full 50% of the combat power was lost. This was an unprecedented blow to Soochow.
That night, Sun Quan became furious. He stood shirtless on the riverside and cursed at the other side of the river, which was completely shameless.
Zhou Yu was also dancing with his sword in his tent. For a moment, his sword energy was everywhere and his murderous intent was overwhelming! By the time he stopped due to exhaustion, the tent with a radius of dozens of feet had been destroyed, and the ground was covered with marks slashed by sharp swords, with countless ravines crisscrossing it.
Zhuge Liang, on the other hand, stood on the cliff with no expression on his face. He just shook his feather fan lightly and let the strong wind on the river make his clothes rustle. Bei Dao from Class 1207 was standing behind Zhuge Liang. He clearly felt that Zhuge Liang was really angry. Under the silent surface, there are raging waves, a flash flood that can destroy everything.
Bei Dao was a little curious as to how Zhuge Liang would deal with the next situation. Also, whether those people he sent out could kidnap Xiao Qiao and Sun Shangxiang, and kill the wise man from Class 1237. However, it seems that Yin Kuang has been completely defeated by Zhuge Liang. As for himself, as a wise man in Class 1207, he is happy to relax. He already has a heaven-defying Zhuge Liang, and he really can’t use his little cleverness.
Although he was severely beaten by Cao Cao’s vicious plan this time, Bei Dao is still full of confidence. Breaking Cao is just a matter of time.
After Zhuge Liang released a wooden bird, he walked off the cliff and entered