ill Leon. We don’t have that ability. But one of my partners died at the hands of Leon. I killed you to avenge her.”

ill Leon. We don’t have that ability. But one of my partners died at the hands of Leon. I killed you to avenge her.”
King Ada said: “Tell me, Which one of you ended Leon’s long life? You wouldn’t say it was Wesker, right? Haha! I have lived for more than a thousand years after all. If you can’t see through this trick, I will be ashamed without you doing it. Go commit suicide.” Bloodthorn sighed secretly. Trying to use Leon’s death to intensify the conflict between King Ada and Wesker seems a bit natural. But Blood Thorn sneered and said: “Whether you believe it or not, with our strength we can’t kill Leon at all. But it doesn’t matter, anyway, I’m here to kill you this time. It’s up to you to go to hell to accompany Leon, he won’t You will be lonely.”
King Ada shook her head slightly and said, “Last question: Who are you?” She seemed not to hear Blood Thorn’s words at all. Blood Thorn said: “Since you already have the answer, why bother asking me again? So, die!” As soon as he finished speaking, Blood Thorn roared, and in an instant, the surging blood energy gathered in Blood Thorn’s spear in a vortex shape. Go up, and then the bloody thorn twists its waist and thrusts out the spear.
Howling! As fast as lightning!
The sharp rotating gun was pointed directly at King Ada’s eyebrows. This blow seemed to crush King Ada’s entire head.
/However, King Ada turned out to be like a wooden stake, with his back cut and his hands stuck there, without even blinking, with a disdainful sneer hanging on the corner of his mouth.
Could King Ada be strangled by the blood thorns so easily?
Outside the valley.
The leisurely or bored cyborg suddenly felt an extraordinary aura. He immediately concentrated his attention, from idleness to concentration and majesty. In an instant, he seemed to be a completely different person.
“Something happened!”
Lieutenant General Zhang saw the cyborgs becoming solemn one by one, and knew what had happened, and said: “Enter the ‘Level 3 Red Alert’ immediately!” Then the purebred soldiers also took action quickly and prepared. Drive into the valley to rescue the driver.
In the valley, there was an endless stream of sharp sounds as countless sharp blades tore through the air. These sounds are the sounds made by the sharp blade threads on the Bloodthorn Spear drilling the air. But obviously, that “air” is not ordinary air. At this time, the blood thorn spear was suspended in the air, but it seemed to be unable to move forward even if it was hit by countless obstacles. But there is a pair of palms in front of the spear tip, releasing waves of waves. It is these fluctuations that hinder the penetration of the bloodthorn spear.
And these palms belong to Yin Kuang, a human clone who looks exactly like Yin Kuang!
“Drink!” The clone Yin Kuang suddenly shouted, and the waves inspired by his palms trembled violently. Blood Thorn felt an ineffective force pushing towards him. It was difficult to resist, and he couldn’t stop himself from retreating backwards.
At this time, Blood Thorn also saw