of Rolls-Royce in Los Angeles in advance, and then he stuffed a lot of bank cards in his pocket.

of Rolls-Royce in Los Angeles in advance, and then he stuffed a lot of bank cards in his pocket.
Money is not everything, but it is often the most useful.
But sometimes, things happen unexpectedly.
Sun Hao and Scarlett’s parents had just met, and the latter showed great affection for him.
This made Sun Hao take the time to look in the mirror and couldn’t help but sigh at his appearance.
After Sun Hao drove Scarlett’s parents back in a Rolls-Royce with one hand, his parents even wanted to stay with him for one night.
/Sun Hao politely refused.
In fact, the most important thing is that you can only sleep naked after you stay.
On the way to the hotel, Scarlett looked at him from time to time.
“What’s wrong? Are you satisfied with my performance today?”
Sun Hao’s face was filled with pride.
To be honest, he didn’t expect things to go so smoothly before he came, otherwise he wouldn’t have put in so much effort to prepare.
“I don’t know why, but I always feel that you are more attractive than before. Of course you were also very attractive before.”
Scarlett nodded.
When Sun Hao heard this, he suddenly remembered something.
When he completed [Heritage of Gods] before, he got a big gift package, and during the lottery, he got a “Junior Jacket”.
The function of that thing is to increase your charm value and increase the favorability of the person you communicate with!
No wonder.
Looking back at the draft, Cuban will directly adopt his words in the second round, which may have something to do with this.
This is kind of awesome.
It seems that when it comes to communication in the future, it will become twice the result with half the effort.
Time came to mid-August, and Adi organized another trip to China.
However, compared with the previous year, this year’s lineup has changed.
Kobe Bryant has left the Adidas camp because of the Eagle County incident. Arenas, who used to participate in the China tour as a “little follower”, took his place and became the new Adidas Five Tigers.
Sun Hao, Arenas, McGrady, Garnett, Duncan.
Of course, this trip to China also brought along a little follower, Yi Jianlian.
The destination of the China trip was also changed from the capital to Guangzhou.
As the capital city of the province with the strongest basketball foundation in the country, Guangzhou’s basketball atmosphere can be described as hot.
Sun Hao’s existence “added fuel to the fire” and exploded.
Even others who have been to China once were stunned by the scene of empty streets.
In their minds, this kind of crazy scene usually only occurs during the championship parade.
However, this kind of trip to China only happens once every few years, and is no less precious to domestic fans than the championship parade.
During this trip to China, two very important things happened.
One thing was during the fan meeting, the fans shouted for Sun Hao to do another 360° dunk.
/They will never forget the scene when Sun Hao dunked the ball on the neck of the basket and dunked himself over