o meters away from the basket.

o meters away from the basket.
Bell on the weak side helped defend and jumped up to block the shot.
But James was faster than he expected, and his block eventually hit James’ hands.
James’ strength remained unabated and he still slammed the ball into the basket!
/The referee did not blow the whistle for this ball. After James landed, he signaled that he had been beaten.
At this moment, the ball just played was replayed on the large LED screen.
It was this replay that made the scene agitated.
Many fans even cheered for this guy who used to come to the home court to eat tacos!
Slow playback shows that Bell did hit.
But this is not the point!
The point is that after James was beaten, the ball was out of his control.
But in the air, James used his strength to break away from Bell’s interference for the second time, grabbed the net again, and then smashed the ball into the basket!
The strength and physical quality demonstrated by this ball can really only be described as a reversal.
It was only then that fans realized more deeply that James was definitely not bragging when he said he wanted to challenge at the draft.
This “Chosen Son” and “Chief” really have a chance to defeat Sun Hao!
This dunk also boosted the morale of the Nuggets.
Looking back, they defended against a wave of offense by the Mavericks, and Finley missed a three-pointer from the outside. The ball was a long rebound that was caught by James.
Bell wanted to get stuck but was knocked away by James, and the referee called a defensive foul!
In less than a minute, Bell received two personal fouls and was forced to leave the game early.
James is telling others with practical actions that even if he doesn’t shoot well, his breakthroughs and passes are enough to affect the game.
Johnson turned around and replaced Bell with Josh Howard.
And he pulled Howard and gave him a lot of instructions before going on the court.
After Howard came on the court, fans discovered that Finley had swung to the shooting guard, and it was Howard who was guarding James.
This arrangement is in place. Although Howard is also a rookie, he is known for his tough defense and excellent physical fitness.
Let him play against James, and the effect will obviously be much better than Finley or Bell.
Facts have proved that this adjustment was very successful. Howard fought with various bodies, and James tried to break through but was destroyed by Howard.
In fact, the existence of the Hand-Check rule limits both shooting and breakthroughs.
Before that, James’ strength performance had also been greatly affected.
The Nuggets’ offense failed again!
Moreover, the rebound of this ball was obtained by Nowitzki, and the Mavericks turned around and started a defensive counterattack.
After receiving the ball, Sun Hao went all the way to the frontcourt and soared into the air, and also ended the round with a tomahawk dunk!
Although, his battle ax is relatively small.
But this does not hinder the enthusiasm of the fans at the scene.