nd we realized it at halftime, and then we made changes.”

nd we realized it at halftime, and then we made changes.”
Marbury attributed the loss to underestimating the opponent.
“We are still confident in the defending champion.”
Iverson did not perform well tonight, but he is still very confident.
Judging from the reactions of the three people, although they encountered a “good start” right away, losing this game did not make them lose their fighting spirit and confidence.
This may also make the fate of this Dream Six team different from that in history.
At the same time in history, the Dream Six team was defeated by the Puerto Rico team by 19 points at the beginning.
After that game, the psychological pressure that Brown and his teammates suffered was completely different.
/You must know that 19 points is already the largest point difference for the US team in the Olympics.
So this Chinese team is worse than the Puerto Rican team in history?
Certainly not.
If you can’t make a three-point shot, you can only break inside. In Fiba’s game, the opponent has a zone defense, and no one’s breakthrough can be used.
/In addition, Puerto Rico has a good hand, so it is normal to lose like that.
But in this game, Marbury regained his outside touch in the second half, and the game developed in a completely different direction.
And another thing is that because of changes in history, Anthony has much more opportunities.
When fans talk about the Dream Six Team in the future, the most criticized point is that James, Wade, Anthony and others have been sitting on the bench.
That is also another important evidence of the “fans abandon rookie theory”.
But now, Anthony is on the court and performing very efficiently.
It can even be predicted that in this Dream Six team with highly overlapping positional functions and lack of inside and shooting, Anthony will get more opportunities in the later games.
Therefore, the ending of this Dream Six team may be different from that in history.
Of course, these are just Sun Hao’s personal thoughts.
In fact, after the game, the fans at the American Forum were already in a rage.
“Again? We lost to the Chinese team again? God, it’s unbelievable!”
“Damn Larry Brown, he doesn’t know how to coach the Dream Team!”