I don’t know why, although one is working on the iron, it feels like the two of them are cooperating!

I don’t know why, although one is working on the iron, it feels like the two of them are cooperating!
Although, there is an extra basket in the middle that was unfairly beaten.
There are also O’Neal’s extra penalties!
Well, O’Neal must have picked up Sun Hao’s shooting bag.
4 to 8!
The Lakers’ scoring surge was a little quick.
Ginobili’s twisting layup in the paint caused a foul on Malone’s beater.
After walking to the free throw line, he made two steady free throws to help the Spurs cling to the score.
Looking back, Sun Hao directly stuffed the ball inside after a pick-and-roll!
This choice came very suddenly, but the same thing is that the Spurs’ defensive rotation could not keep up, and Nesterovic was still the only one guarding O’Neal under the basket!
O’Neal turned around Nesterovich again and smashed the ball with one hand.
Five stars for Shark’s desire to dunk tonight!
Nesterovich’s expression was extremely speechless. Why is it always me who gets hurt?
During the retreat, O’Neal took the initiative to give Sun Hao a high-five.
The ball fed just now was quite comfortable.
And the key is that he also realized why Sun Hao shot three-pointers in succession at the beginning, because he rarely got a lot of one-on-one opportunities in the series.
This feeling is the same as during the regular season, he swam into the Pacific Ocean again!
Parker’s top layup after a breakthrough was blocked by O’Neal.
The Lakers launched a defensive counterattack, and Sun Hao took the lead.
And after blocking the ball, he also grabbed a defensive rebound.
A long throw from the backcourt, a tacit understanding from the instant kill combination, Sun Hao quickly broke into the frontcourt, and avoided Bowen’s pursuit with a one-handed chop.
Los Coote!
The Lakers bench was in a frenzy.
Not everyone is Popovich and O’Neal. Most of the Lakers players still don’t know why Sun Hao suddenly got a headache at the beginning.
But he can’t stand up to the handsome dunk guy!
Many players even think that Sun Hao is not feeling very good tonight, so you should dunk!
Popovich reached out and called a timeout.
This pause comes early.
But it won’t work if I don’t scream!
The score on the court now is 6 to 12!
After playing for more than five minutes, the Spurs were already 6 points behind!
/And the key is that Ginobili is still starting!
This is completely different from what Popovich expected!
If this rhythm continues, the Spurs will face a situation where the Lakers continue to pull away from the score.
After the timeout, the Spurs replaced Ginobili with Brent Barry.
The current situation forces Popovich to make temporary adjustments. Now he can only hope that Ginobili will chase points in the transition period from the bench.
However, life is full of surprises.
Just like Horry would break out on the Lakers side, Brent Barry received Parker’s pass and hit a three-pointer as soon as he came up!
You must know that facing an opponent like the Lakers, if you temporaril