during the breakthrough.

during the breakthrough.
Buckner’s three-point shot hit the ground running!
/The little man plays a big role. When Christie’s addition made the Lakers’ record improve rapidly, Leonard’s absence also caused the Nuggets’ outside threat to plummet!
No matter what, he was also the three-point champion last year!
O’Neal had Martin on his body and picked off the defensive rebound!
The referee then blew the whistle.
The Nuggets’ three major insiders didn’t do well against O’Neal in other aspects, but the foul speed was really fast!
/It was just half a quarter, and the three of them had committed 4 fouls together!
There is actually not much suspense about the game here.
The current configuration of the Nuggets is not at the same level as the Lakers.
Coupled with Young Zhan’s technical shortcomings, he faced a championship coach like Phil Jackson.
Take the head to win!
Sun Hao also scored 25 points and 7 assists.
In the end, just like the previous game between the Wizards and the Magic, the Lakers played a completely crushing game and defeated the Nuggets 104-76!
O’Neal showed his dominance, scoring 33 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks in three quarters!
For the Nuggets, James’ first playoff performance was a bit miserable. He made 7 of 14 shots and only scored 16 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists.
This data is on par with Wade’s previous performance, making him a sibling of the 2003 generation.
Of course, no matter how bad the game is, James’ shooting percentage will not be bad. Compared with Wade, the biggest difference between James is that he plays more efficiently.
However, whether it is inefficient or efficient, James will definitely not feel better after a disastrous defeat.
In the post-game press conference, the Lakers held the press conference first as the home team.
A big win, smiles filled the entire press conference.
“Is this big win unexpected? Before the game, LeBron said the Nuggets had a chance to win.”
The reporter asked O’Neal.
“Unexpected? No, no, man, if Sun and I can’t win the game, it can only be for one reason.”
O’Neal said and looked at the reporter, paused and then continued.
“We are not playing a basketball game.”
O’Neal’s words made the reporters laugh.
Sun Hao stretched out his hand and gave O’Neal a thumbs up.
This sounds funny, but the domineering tone behind his words cannot be hidden.
As they said before the game, they showed James and the Nuggets one thing in this game: they are real tigers.
“How do you evaluate LeBron’s performance?”
The reporter turned to Sun Hao and asked.
When this question was raised, the reporters all looked at Sun Hao.
Everyone knows the relationship between Sun Hao and James, so they are looking forward to what Sun Hao will say.
After all, James’ performance in this game was obviously substandard.
Sun Hao said it more euphemistically.
In fact, he expects James to play better than in history and will not deliberately belittle him.
The reporter reminded.
Sun Hao choked on his own saliva and