later, because Dwayne Dantès is about to go deep into Backlund’s upper class society and may find clues to the Great Smog Incident and other cases at any time. In this way, it will be very difficult for him to There may be a situation where Miss Justice is needed to provide side help. At that time, the “audience” will most likely detect something and discover that the “world” was deliberately concealing it before, and Mr. “The Fool” did not remind it.

This will reduce her sense of belonging and even cause her to doubt more things, triggering a crisis of trust in the “Fool”.
The two members do not know each other and are not aware of each other’s existence, but they cooperate tacitly. By completing the designated tasks, they piece together the completion of the overall goal. This is something that looks beautiful but is actually very difficult to succeed, especially when the companion is a This is especially true when it comes to mid-sequence Extraordinaries on the “Audience” path. It is unlikely that they can hide this from the other party.
Therefore, most of the time, confessing is a better, more effective and less troublesome method than lying.
As for why he didn’t directly say that Dantès was Gehrman Sparrow, it was because Klein didn’t want to leave the impression to the Tarot Club members why it was him again, and why he was the only one favored by Mr. Fool.
/Dwayne Dantès is just a “Justice” Audrey keenly read the hidden meaning in this sentence and made some vague guesses.
Then, she heard “The World” Gehrman Sparrow simply said:
“The identity that my companions and I share.
/“I pretend to be him occasionally.”
Having said this, he glanced at the “magician” emotionlessly.
The shared identity is occasionally disguised as his miserable Dwayne Dantès is Mr. Hermann Sparrow “The World” The wealthy businessman with kidney or prostate problems is Mr. “The World” Hermann Sparrow “The Magician” “Forsi seemed to be struck by lightning, and his whole body stiffened.
During her cerebral palsy, she felt a little scared for no reason, and subconsciously felt that Xio’s unintentional words before made sense:
When there are problems with one’s housekeeper, valet, neighbors, and surrounding environment, the likelihood that everything will be OK for oneself is not very high.
No, it’s not that the neighborhood where Dwayne Dantès lives and the housekeeper he hired happened to hide secrets, but that they were chosen by Dwayne Dantès and Gehrman Sparrow because they hid secrets. The poor and miserable person was not Dao. Entantes, on the contrary, I was wrong about the extraordinary things around him. I should not have asked Hugh to say that he wished the goddess would bless him. This was more like a curse to Mr. Gehrman Sparrow of the “World” Forsi suddenly shuddered, and was extremely lucky that she didn’t suggest in the message that Dwayne Dantès should see a kidney or prostate disease.
Otherwise, she suspected that she would no longer be able to attend this Tarot gathering, or that she would attend as an e