ompete in the third or fourth place finals. Whether they have an Olympic medal is equally important.

ompete in the third or fourth place finals. Whether they have an Olympic medal is equally important.
After he finished, Rubio took off his jersey and trotted to Sun Hao, holding a signature pen in his hand.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but smile when he saw it. He turned around and asked assistant coach Deng Huade. After confirming that there was more than one jersey, he took off his own jersey.
Sign, exchange, take a photo by the way.
This will be a scene that fans talk about in a few years.
After taking a shower, the Chinese team members returned to the stadium one after another to watch the game between the United States and Argentina.
The winner between the two teams will be their opponent in the final.
“Argentina should be able to give the United States some energy.”
Yao Ming sat next to Sun Hao and said before the game.
He should also know that the American team is not easy to play now.
Sun Hao shook his head.
He is a time traveler. In history, the Argentina team also met the Dream Team in the semifinals, and was cut off by 20 points.
The peak of the Argentine team should be 2 to 4 years ago, between the 2002 World Championship and the 2006 World Championship.
/Now their golden generation is a bit older.
Of course, the more important thing is that this American team is at least half a step stronger than Mengba, which is still a conservative estimate.
Yao Ming smiled helplessly, but didn’t say anything else.
It can also be seen that he should be ready to play the finals with the US team.
The game on the court started quickly.
The U.S. team didn’t start well. They missed consecutive outside shots and suffered consecutive offensive fouls and moving screens.
They started off looking a little tight.
However, they were particularly active on the defensive end, forcing Argentina to make constant mistakes.
Speaking of which, many people may have forgotten that the 58-game winning streak of the 2002 Dream Team in the World Series was ended by the Chinese team, but it was the Argentines who blocked them from the semi-finals of the World Championship.
For the U.S. team, killing Argentina first and then China is also their most perfect road to revenge.
The two teams played a bit ugly at the beginning, and the game was fragmented.
But it’s unrealistic to expect the game to continue like this.
After half of this quarter, the American team began to find the feeling of the game.
First, Kobe made a long shot, then Wade made a steal, then Howard made a big block, and James made a tomahawk dunk on the fast break.
Standard flow.
On the other hand, the Argentinian team still found it difficult to score under the high-intensity pressing defense of the American team.
7 to 4, 12 to 4, 19 to 4, 22 to 4, 27 to 6.
/The game showed a one-sided situation.
Yao Ming fell silent after reading it.
If he were playing World of Warcraft right now, he would definitely be able to say: It’s so scary!
There was not much suspense. The American team suppressed the whole game and