er of honor to leave a lasting name in history or not, we’ll know when the time comes!

er of honor to leave a lasting name in history or not, we’ll know when the time comes!
Of course, before that, they have to reach the finals.
After the quarter-finals are over, the semi-final matches are also announced.
United States VS Argentina;
China VS Spain!
In the semifinals, the men’s basketball game has also come to the most exciting part.
These two games, no matter which one they are, can be regarded as Mars hitting the earth.
“Be prepared for a tough battle!”
Before the semifinals started, Sun Hao also vaccinated his teammates in advance.
Although he has regained some form, as the fans said, he is a man, not a god. He has not played for so long and it is impossible to return to the state before retirement.
Facing this Spanish team that has always had a 850-50 draw, the game was predictably fierce.
Two days later, on August 22, Beijing time, the semi-finals officially started.
Two games will be played one after another on this day, one at 8pm and one at 10:15pm.
The first game to be played is between China and Spain.
The huge Wukesong Arena was full again.
It can be seen from the nervous expressions of the fans in the pre-game shots. The fans also know that at this time, the real difficulties and challenges of the Chinese men’s basketball team will really begin tonight!
And when the camera showed the players from the Chinese and Western teams, the nervous expressions on their faces also filled the air with a strong smell of gunpowder smoke before the game started!
Entering the player introduction, the Spanish team’s 12-man roster:
Gasol, Gasol, Fernandez, Garbajosa, Raul Lopez, Navarro, Calderon, Rodriguez , Reyes, Jimenez, Mburu, Rubio!
Spain’s golden generation!
Sun Hao is familiar with this lineup!
Here are a bunch of his teammates and opponents from when he was playing in La Liga.
After all, he also grew up with the golden generation of Spanish basketball.
Fighting against them now feels a bit like Team 7 in Hokage.
It’s just that he plays the role of the villain Sasuke.
After the player introductions, the two teams held a pre-match handshake, and Sun Hao happened to be holding Rubio on the opposite side.
Rubio, nicknamed the “Golden Boy,” was only 17 years old at this time.
/Tender is really tender, handsome is really handsome.
Moreover, entering the national team at the age of 17 also broke the minimum age record for the Spanish men’s basketball national team, and his talent is overwhelming.
The Chinese team also has a similar player Chen Jianghua.
In history, he made a stunning debut in 2006, and surpassed Kobe in 2008, which makes people think a lot.
Out of curiosity, he also wanted to see if Chen Jianghua had a chance to go further and play in the NBA or something.
After all, his appearance has changed a lot of things. Chinese players have more opportunities in the NBA than at the same time in history.
But after the national team training ended, his thoughts disappeared.
The reason is very simple, Chen Jianghua is too far away from