27 to 19!

27 to 19!
The goal just now was crucial. If the Lakers failed to score, there was a high probability that they would be counterattacked and then be chased within 5 points.
Of course, it was also in this quarter that fans saw Sun Hao score two more difficult goals.
After halftime, the Lakers led the Nuggets by 6 points 49 to 43.
With O’Neal absent and James in superb form, it’s incredible that the Lakers can play like this.
Sun Hao scored 24 points in the half.
But what pleased him more than scoring was.
“Congratulations to the host, for obtaining the Bronze badge ‘Difficult Shooter’!”
Difficult Shooter: Slightly improves the hit rate of difficult shots, but will reduce the stability of the shot to a certain extent.
What does it mean to increase hit rate but decrease stability?
Isn’t this a contradiction?
Back in the locker room, Phil Jackson briefly talked about the tactics of the second half and left the players to rest.
O’Neal is still checking, and there isn’t much he can adjust.
Taking advantage of this time, Sun Hao entered the system and began to explore.
Let alone talking about adapting to the new badge, he had to understand the function of this badge first.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to play well in the second half of the game.
He first tried his own open shot.
After several sets of shots, his stability has not changed much compared to before.
This shows that reducing the stability of shots should not reduce all shots.
This is a good thing. If it lowers everything, then it is better not to give up this badge.
/Then, he pulled Posey and Bell out of the caddy one after another to serve as sparring partners and try various difficult shots.
This exercise lasted for an hour, and I also drank a bottle of energy drink in the system.
In other words, after searching for a long time, he probably knew what this badge meant.
Regardless of whether he is defended by Posey or Bell, his difficult shots are “unstable”.
When things go well, you can hit difficult shots in a row, but when things go wrong, you can hit shots in a row.
But overall, his shooting percentage on difficult shots has improved.
So this is easy to understand. What this sentence actually means is: his confidence in difficult shots will become greater, but it will be unstable.
This system is playing word games here!
However, this is reasonable.
Just like Schr?dinger’s cat, the stability and accuracy of difficult shots are contradictory to each other.
Some people say no. Many superstars are stable and accurate. Aren’t Jordan, Kobe, and Durant all like that?
Of course not, what you see are just highlights. Once you check the hit rate, you will know the difference.
For example, everyone knows that Kobe Bryant’s left-hand three-pointer to beat the Mavericks, which stunned Cuban.
But what few people know is that many of Kobe’s left-handed three-point shots can’t even touch the frame.
So in general, this is a useful badge, but it must be used rationally.
Sun Hao came out of the system and it