good luck!”

good luck!”
These are obviously Spurs fans, and of course their views are supported by many other fans.
The Mavericks don’t look like they’re doing big things this season.
However, the Warriors attach great importance to the Mavericks, who will face them in the second round.
Just like Nelson’s reaction in the regular season, the Warriors have very high demands on themselves this season, so they will not underestimate their opponents.
/In particular, after confirming that the opponent was the Mavericks, Sun Hao emphasized how strong this Mavericks team was.
According to his exact words.
“The Mavericks team we are facing is even better than the Knicks.”
At first glance, this sentence seems to look down on the Knicks.
But Sun Hao, a time traveler, is not exaggerating at all when he says this.
Because this Mavericks team is a championship team in history!
Just like Spurs fans have always thought that the Mavericks were lucky, all those teams that thought so were eventually killed!
If anyone else had said this, even if it had been said by Nelson, the Warriors players wouldn’t have cared so much.
But this sentence was said by Sun Hao, so no one would care!
Sun Hao said that the Mavericks are strong, so they must be very strong!
Sun Hao’s words were inadvertently revealed by the team members and were quickly exposed by the media.
Most fans felt that Sun Hao overemphasized his opponent this time.
Because when Sun Hao was still with the Lakers, he never said such a thing when facing the Mavericks team of Kobe Bryant and Nowitzki.
“Being cautious is a good habit, but being overly cautious is unnecessary.”
Even Barkley felt that Sun Hao was a little too cautious on the TNT program.
However, all this changed in the opening game of the conference semifinals between the Warriors and Mavericks.
The opening game between the two sides was held at Oracle Arena, the home of the Warriors.
The Warriors got into the game quickly at the start, but the Mavericks showed their outstanding resilience and ability to attack tough problems.
Whenever the Warriors are about to gain momentum, the Mavericks, Nowitzki or Terry can always hit some difficult goals or even fairy balls to maintain the situation.
At halftime, the Warriors only led the Mavericks by 7 points, 58-51.
After watching this, many fans felt like: Why are the Mavericks so lucky?
/But there is a saying that goes like this:
Those goals scored by the Mavericks are difficult, and there is indeed an element of luck or super-level performance in them.
But if you can maintain that kind of performance, that is actually ability.
In the second half, the difference between the Warriors and Spurs quickly became apparent.
The Mavericks’ performance in the second half was no worse than the first half, and they still scored many difficult goals, but the Warriors always firmly grasped the situation on the court.
Even if Nowitzki exerted his strength at the last moment, the Warriors did not panic. Sun Hao fought against Biao, and the Warrio