The American team made continuous tactical moves without the ball in the frontcourt.
But, no good chance!
The Chinese team also worked hard at the last moment and their defense was airtight.
The attack time went by bit by bit, and the opportunities of the American team were also decreasing bit by bit.
Sun Hao also tried to steal Kobe at this time, forcing him not to control the ball well.
Kobe, with 8 seconds left before the end of the game, stretched out his hand to signal to stop running, then turned around and started one-on-one with Sun Hao. This was a forced shot!
/Sun Hao also retracted his stealing hand and leaned forwardKobe is famous for his strong shooting ability!
“stand up”
Triple threat, cross step, shake, turn, fallback!
A super difficult shot!
The hearts of the fans at the scene jumped.
Sun Hao predicted it. Although he didn’t say to block the ball directly, he touched the ball!
The trajectory of the ball was completely changed, and after being short, it fell into Howard’s hands under the basket.
Howard got the ball and wanted to pass it out, but there was no chance!
And the American team has also used up its timeout at this time!
Then, the whistle sounded! !
“Win! The Chinese team wins!”
I don’t know if Zhang Weiping has something wrong. The moment the bell rang, Su Qun himself jumped up from the commentary box and shouted.
“We won, the Chinese team won.”
Zhang Weiping on the side did not shout, but his tears could not be controlled.
The next second, Wukesong Arena also burst into flames.
The emotions in the fans’ hearts cannot be described in words, nor can they be expressed in body language.
I don’t know who started it first, but the familiar singing voice sounded again.
“The five-star red flag is fluttering in the wind, and the victory songs are so loud, singing our dear motherland.” There was
a chorus of 20,000 people at the scene, and I don’t know how many people sang along in front of the TV.
Sun Hao listened to the singing. He didn’t even cry when the Lakers completed their dynasty. He couldn’t control his emotions for a moment and burst into tears!
He did it and won the championship trophy at home!
He did it and got this Olympic medal for his son!
He did it, and with the attention of 1.3 billion people, he won the most important gold medal!
The Chinese men’s basketball team completed two consecutive Olympic championships! !
Fans are reveling, players are celebrating, and Beijing is boiling!
Outside Wukesong Arena, outside the Bird’s Nest, and inside and outside the Fifth Ring Road, everyone is celebrating this Olympic champion!
The only champion of the three major sports, the men’s champion, defeated the strongest American team!
This significance is no less than having a champion in the 100-meter race! !
Coupled with the fact that Sun Hao’s tears were captured on camera, the legend of this champion is unparalleled!
At this time, even the reporters accompanying the team were very happy.
Because a