58 points.

58 points.
When the camera showed Deron, his face turned green.
Maybe next season, New Orleans fans won’t be able to see Deron wearing a Hornets jersey.
In the eight opening games of the first round, there were no major upsets, and they basically reflected the strength of both sides.
Of course, there are still fans who feel that the opening game doesn’t mean much. For example, Spurs fans, they don’t think the Mavericks can maintain that state in the subsequent series.
half a month later, the first round of NBA games was completed, and the results of the eight groups were also released.
In the East, the Knicks 4-0 Hawks; Bulls 4-1 Pistons; Celtics 4-2 Wizards, Magic 2-4 Pacers;
Yao Ming fell in the first round for two consecutive years, his days in Washington Not easy.
Howard is also interesting. He was afraid of Yao Ming before, but Yao Ming didn’t beat him for two years, and he never made it to the finals again.
In the West, the Warriors beat the Hornets 4-0; the Grizzlies beat the Trail Blazers 4-2; the Clippers beat the Thunder 4-1; the Spurs beat the Mavericks 1-4.
The Spurs finally lost to the Mavericks and only won 1 game in the end!
This result can be said to be quite unexpected, especially for Spurs fans.
However, some fans who have watched the game will still lament that the Mavericks’ state in this year’s playoffs is not good at all.
Of course, just like the fans’ senses after the regular season, they don’t think the Mavericks are that strong.
The first round is over and the second round matchups are also determined.
In the East, the Knicks face the Pacers. The Pacers’ twin towers are expected to pose a great challenge to New York’s Big Three.
In history, both James and Durant have been ridiculed for “taking the most difficult road.”
From a certain perspective, it is not just a joke, because after embarking on the road of “joining together” and “surrendering to the enemy”, not winning the championship means failure.
But if they don’t make it to the finals, no reason can be justified, and the Big Three will die before they start.
Bulls VS Celtics, the battle between these old enemies is destined to be exciting, and for the Boston Big Three, this may really be their last chance.
Next year, Garnett and Ray Allen will be 36 years old, and the youngest Pierce will be 35.
In the West, the Clippers face the Grizzlies.
This is a confrontation between old and new powers. Most fans think that the Clippers should be able to win easily. The Clippers won much easier than the Grizzlies in the first round, and the playoffs are the stage for superstars. The Clippers It is enough to have one Kobe on the team.
/The Warriors will face the challenge of the Mavericks.
The outside world’s view of this matchup is similar to that of the Clippers and Grizzlies.
Most people think the Warriors will easily defeat the Mavericks.
Some fans even thought the Warriors would sweep the Mavericks.
“In the first round, they performed superbly. In the second round, they won’t have such