breathing heavily. Roughly, he tried his best to suppress the burning fire in his heart.

breathing heavily. Roughly, he tried his best to suppress the burning fire in his heart.
“Junior sister, you also know how heavy our responsibilities are when we come to ‘Noah’s World’ this time. The success or failure of the Dao Sect’s Daxing is likely to depend on this. No matter what, we must focus on the overall situation.
Take the wine glass quickly and be cautious. Don’t attract attention…” Seeing that Li Xiangzhou’s distorted face calmed down, Lu Shanyou breathed a sigh of relief. An idea flashed in his mind, and he vaguely guessed something. He was shocked, but on the surface, he pretended to be nonchalant and handed a glass of champagne to Li Xiangzhou. .
“The overall situation is the most important thing, and the overall situation is the most important thing. I said at the beginning that I would set up a trap to severely suppress the arrogance of the ‘Witch’ sect, so we can’t act rashly.” The woman did not accept the wine handed by her senior brother at all, and said through gritted teeth: “Now is the time when the Taoist sect is flourishing. Success or failure depends on this one move, so be cautious…
/Yes, yes, yes, you are all right, Senior Brother Lu, what you and the Master said are right, but Senior Brother Tianliang was refining flesh and blood and soul by the heir of the ancient witchcraft. Don’t we have a blood feud? Have you avenged it!
/My soul is in ruins and I will never be reincarnated. Senior brother Tianliang saved me and Lian Bao for me, but my soul was in a state of ruin and I will never be reincarnated…”
The tragedy that Li Xiangzhou mentioned was also heard by Lu Shangyou. He knew that a junior fellow student named Zheng Tianliang in his sect had once tried to protect Lian Bao in order to save his soul. As Li Xiangzhou escaped, his soul and body were turned into ashes by the witch.
This incident once caused a great shock in the “men”, but in the end it was dropped due to the delay of the division commanders. According to Lu Shangyou, he guessed that there were only three reasons why the division commanders were unwilling to take revenge. One was that they were really delayed by important matters; The reason why the murdered Zheng Tianliang was killed was that he first set up a scheme to cause others to be killed instead. He was bound by the “rules of heaven” and wanted to go to war across the country to retaliate. The Taoist sect really had no excuse, plus he was afraid of accidentally causing international Third, Zheng Tianliang’s lineage has a weak status in the Taoist sect. Although he chose to sacrifice to save his fellow sect Gao Fengliangjie, which greatly increased his reputation after his death, after all, there will be no capable elder who insists on revenge. If he died If it were Li Xiangzhou and Duan Lianbao, it might be a different situation.
It should be noted that no matter how talented and powerful you are, you may not be able to defeat the disciples of ancient witchcraft.
“Teacher, senior brother, you, you mean to allow me to take revenge? ” “The wo