e cold north for vacation.

e cold north for vacation.
Among them is a Russian oil tycoon named Mikhail Gusev, who is worth more than one billion U.S. dollars. He has lived here for more than a month. Recently, he wants to buy Han Xuan for $210 million. All islands.
If Han Xuan sells it, he can make 60 million US dollars by reselling it. As a businessman, he should not wait to agree to him.
However, the high-quality islands in the Maldives have basically been sold or rented now, and they will not be available for sale in the future.
Although there are more than a thousand islands in the Maldives, not all of them have beautiful beaches and sea views, so I could only endure the pain and reject him.
The seaplane that landed just now belongs to the Russian oil tycoon, Mikhail Gusev,
and the Russian tycoon Jeremiah in Los Angeles who recently paid a sky-high bail and was temporarily released to await trial. Mikhail Gusref is also a perverted old man.
The strange thing is that generally rich people like beautiful models or celebrities, but he likes black women.
She is also a super fat black American woman, with a spherical face and body, and a vulgar language that is simply difficult to look at.
In Gabriel’s eyes, that woman was the kind of woman no one in the United States would marry. Unexpectedly, she was attracted by a rich man worth billions of dollars. The world was truly amazing.
Every time he saw the scene of him hugging the woman, Han Xuan shouted that he couldn’t understand.
Such as now.
Mr. Mikhail Gusref was taking the black woman for a walk on the beach. Her legs were almost as thick as old Mikhail Gusref’s waist.
Han Xuan was about to say hello when he saw the young man carrying a suitcase next to the old Russian man. He was waving and laughing, shouting: “Long time no see. Good afternoon, little boss!”
He looked so handsome. , who else could it be if it wasn’t Secretary Dawson?
/Owen saw Han Xuan’s gesture and drove the jet ski slowly towards the shore. After landing, he held the rope tied to the railing behind the jet ski and approached the shore. The hovercraft on the side was pulled into the shallow water.
After drinking the cocktail in the glass, he raised his head and bit into two ice cubes, stretched out his hand to support Anya, and stepped on the sea water to the shore, with a lot of fine white sand on his feet.
Say hello to the old Russian rich man who is languishing and almost drained.
Han Xuan motioned for Dawson to follow him, walked to the beach chair under the umbrella and lay down, and asked Secretary Shuai: “Aren’t the planes to the Maldives out of service? There is no material to repair the airport, and it will take another half a month to repair it. , how did you get here?”
“Take a boat in the Republic of Sri Lanka, and then take a plane to Sri Lanka in Hong Kong. God, there was only one flight to Sri Lanka in two days. When landing, it was hit by a bird. I didn’t find the cockpit until I got off the plane. The glass was covered with blood and he almost died.”
Dawson took the c