This time Jordan looked focused.
As shown by his previous guidance of Sun Hao’s mid-range training, Jordan is a master of basketball skills. He can also see what Sun Hao can see.
He also knows that Brown’s offensive skills are rough. What he values ????more is Brown’s defense.
After all, he can handle the offense by himself, but when it comes to defense, he is old after all, and there must be strong enough players to guard the inside.
The ball was sent out, Yao Ming caught the ball, leaned against Brown, turned around and shot with a hook.
The movement of this ball is very beautiful, but Brown is really not a vegetarian. After holding Yao Ming, he waited for an opportunity to take a shot. Although he did not block it, it caused enough interference.
Yao Ming’s shot also failed to score.
Jordan had a look of relief on his face at this time, and he still saw Brown correctly.
Yao Ming’s expression didn’t change much. He probably didn’t expect Brown to react so quickly, but he quickly adjusted his mentality.
Brown attacked again. This time he knocked Yao Ming away continuously and waited until he was sure that Yao Ming could not reach him before taking action.
Yao Ming’s disadvantage in confrontation is revealed, and the interference caused by this block shot is limited.
But the ball Brown was determined to win turned out to be in his hand!
Pot for small hands.
Brown’s consecutive attacks failed to score, and the ball was exchanged again.
Yao Ming received the ball again and turned and shot directly to the free throw line.
Jordan was stunned when he made this move.
You are 2.26 meters tall!
But what’s even more outrageous is that the ball actually missed the target.
1 to 0.
Yao Ming scored first.
Sun Hao reached out and applauded Yao Ming.
Well done!
History has said that Jordan’s decision to choose Brown was a stupid decision, but now it seems that it is somewhat of an afterthought.
After all, mental quality is hard to see. In terms of talent alone, Brown is better than Chandler and Curry.
This can be seen from Yao Ming’s successive confrontations with these people.
Yao Ming continued to catch the ball, and this time he chose a hook after turning around continuously.
Brown can’t keep up with Yao Ming’s rhythm. He feels that he is facing a power forward rather than a power center.
In the end, he missed the point where Yao Ming took action, Yao Ming’s light hook.
With a soft touch, Yao Ming scored another victory!
2 to 0!
Jordan’s eyes seemed to have changed at this time.
Yao Ming continued to catch the ball, this time directly following the confrontation and then borrowing a smooth outside hook.
Brown couldn’t jump or cover.
3 to 0!
/Yao Ming’s touch is so soft that it’s incredible.
Jordan turned around and said something to Paulin at this time, and Paulin nodded.
The confrontation on the court ended quickly, and Brown didn’t have much to do against Yao Ming’s offense.
Just like when he defeated Chandler before, he