e throws.

e throws.
The fans at the scene were already going crazy.
This expressionless guy has scored 9 points in a row!
The score was tied at 82!
Popovich’s face finally regained its glow.
The towel man on the Spurs bench started performing with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Hope, little by little, it becomes a reality!
There is a full minute left on the clock. The Mavericks are really hanging in the balance!
After reversing the 76ers and Lakers before, they are likely to be reversed tonight!
Back at halftime, the Spurs still maintained their previous defensive mode.
Just bet on your mid-range shooting ability, and even if you score, it will only be 2 points!
Finley went to the mid-range again, but after catching the ball, he didn’t dare to shoot!
Not everyone has a big heart like Kobe.
The ball was transferred to Nash again, and there was not much offensive time left.
At this time, Sun Hao threw away Daniels and received the ball.
It’s just that the Spurs’ defense is very close to the three-point line, and the position where he receives the ball is more than one meter away from the three-point line!
Sun Hao didn’t hesitate, just pulled it up and threw it.
This choice stunned many fans at the scene.
You must know that Sun Hao just missed a step-back three-pointer before, and the ball was farther away!
However, some fans who watched the broadcast of the Mavericks’ game against the 76ers will not be surprised, because Sun Hao’s winning goal was from this distance.
Will get in!
This thought flashed through the minds of some fans.
More people couldn’t take their eyes away.
The ball whirled through the air and drew a super high parabola, like a meteor from the sky.
This goal is very crucial.
There was a crisp sound, and the ball hit the net!
85 to 82!
After falling into a three-minute scoring drought, Sun Hao broke it with a super long three-pointer!
Silver Level Catch Scorer Badge!
The Spurs bench held their heads for a while.
This three-pointer almost extinguished all their hopes.
Spurs, no timeout!
Popovich looked up at the time.
35 seconds.
You still have time.
Duncan continued to play hard at the basket, and the Mavericks also continued to double-team.
Duncan grabbed Laettner and caused a foul.
The Mavericks’ inside line can’t stop Duncan at all!
Duncan, get to the free throw line again!
/The noise at the scene was loud.
With continuous strong attacks, his physical fitness was also declining.
/85 to 83!
Nelson called a timeout.
“I never thought Don would deploy such a tactic, because it was really crazy!”
Nowitzki said bluntly at the post-game press conference.
Even a few years later, Nelson’s tactical deployment was regarded as a classic by many fans.
This game, because of Duncan’s killer performance and this tactic, became a game recorded in history.
Back from the timeout, the Mavericks’ offense.
The Spurs’ defense remains unchanged.
The Spurs are now two points behind. As long as Popovich holds on to this round, then with Du