biting a tortoise, but there is no way to bite it.”

biting a tortoise, but there is no way to bite it.”
“Haha, Siqi, Weiwei, I think you two have fallen into the ‘difficult choice syndrome’ again. How about you follow my lead.” Wang Bo smiled and helped the two women out.
Zeng Siqi and Zhang Wei had never eaten Western food. Faced with an unfamiliar menu, they had no idea how to proceed. Wang Bo’s words immediately relieved the two of them, and they nodded quickly.
“Then just order three portions as I just ordered.” Wang Bo told the waiter next to him.
“Okay, sir. Please wait a moment.” The waiter put away the menu and left immediately.
After the waiter left, Zhang Wei and Zeng Siqi immediately asked Wang Bo about table manners for Western food, such as which hand holds the knife and which hand holds the fork, and how to place the knife and fork when not eating.
Wang Bo took the opportunity to spread some knowledge about Western food to the two of them, as well as the dining characteristics of European and American countries such as “Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, and Russia”. These were all the Western common sense that he had picked up before going abroad in his previous life. In addition, he What he saw and heard abroad made the two women pay close attention, their eyes shone, and they repeatedly praised his profound knowledge.
“I don’t have much knowledge, I just read two more idle books.” Wang Bo pretended to be //b.
Then, the two of them felt that he was so humble.
The items ordered by the three people were quickly pushed by the waiter on a trolley. The first dish was the appetizer, smoked mackerel with shrimps and shiso sauce.
“Please use it slowly.”
It started out as theory, and after the thing came up, it became concrete practice. The lunch at noon basically turned into an etiquette class where Zhang Wei and Zeng Siqi asked him for advice on Western etiquette. Wang Bo taught attentively, and the two girls learned interestingly and ate with gusto.
However, it is not so much that they like the taste of Western food, but rather they like the fun of eating Western food and the novelty of experiencing new things.
Pay the bill, check out, and leave. This lunch meal cost Wang Bo more than 1,200 yuan. The living expenses for the two girls for three months made them speechless.
/Naturally, the car cannot be driven after drinking alcohol. Wang Bo proposed to go for a walk nearby to eat and sober up, and both women agreed.
After having a meal, Wang Bo felt that the relationship between the two girls was much closer, and they even held hands when walking.
Of course, he is happy to see this happen. He only hopes that the relationship between the two women can be as friendly and close as Liang Ya and Zhong Jiahui, Su Mengyao and Wen Xiaohan, Ma Liting and Fang You, or Dong Zhen and Fang You.
/“The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard!” Wang Bo sighed in his heart as he looked at the two beautiful figures walking in front holding hands and talking small talk.
“Wei Wei, Siqi, you guys watch t