Zhu Ganghe is still not dead. After wailing, he jumped up again, staring at his red eyes, and was about to rush towards Pan Longtao.

Zhu Ganghe is still not dead. After wailing, he jumped up again, staring at his red eyes, and was about to rush towards Pan Longtao.
However, a thunderbolt fell on Zhugang Hyena at this moment, causing it to wail repeatedly and tremble with convulsions. The fourth prince of the Dragon was immediately delighted when he hit the target. With a twist of his huge but extremely flexible body, he dived towards the Zhugang Hyena, intending to tear it apart with his dragon claws. But just when the dragon’s claws were about to catch Zhu Ganghye, Zhu Ganghye rolled away again.
Zhu Ganghe let out an angry roar at Prince Long, then turned his head suddenly and rushed out of the jungle.
/“Don’t even think about it!”
Yin Kuang roared, turned into lightning, and chased after him.
I saw that after Zhu Ganghye rushed out for a certain distance, golden smoke shot out from the ground one after another, wrapped around Zhu Ganghye’s body, pulling his figure, and at the same time, the black devilish energy was also blown by the golden smoke. The smoke pulled and peeled away.
But it is the “God’s Final Formation” that is at work.
As soon as Zhu Ganghe’s speed slowed down, Yin Kuang rushed to the top of its head, stretched out his right arm, and with a claw in the air, he grabbed Zhu Ganghe’s back.
At this time, Yin Kuang’s right hand had completely transformed into a dragon arm and dragon claw. Except for the different color, the shape was almost exactly the same as the dragon arm of the Fourth Prince Long. The scales are shining and the muscles are knotted. This arm alone is as thick as his body.
This is not a “dragon-shaped hand”, but a real dragon-clawed hand!
Zhu Gangxi was hit hard one after another, and his strength was far inferior to before. Coupled with the constraints of the formation, even though Zhu Gangxi had almost zero sanity, he also knew that if he was hit by Yin Kuang, even if he didn’t die, he would still have to step in with half a foot. gate of hell. How could the Fourth Prince Long miss such an excellent opportunity to kill?
At the critical moment, Zhu Gang’s blood-colored pupils suddenly shrank, and his body thrust forward. A black shadow rushed out of the black wild boar, floating into the distance like smoke.
Poof! !
Yin Kuang’s dragon claw hand grabbed the black wild boar and cut it directly, tearing the entire left side of the wild boar open, and the internal organs and body fluids were sprayed all over the ground. Even Yin Kuang’s half-dragon body was covered with a layer of black blood.
“The soul is out of body!” Yin Kuang’s pupils shrank, “Stop him!!”
As soon as Yin Kuang finished speaking, a burst of colorful feathers appeared in the distance. Wang Ning shouted and threw the black dog in his hand, dragging a thin black line in the night sky.
The Zhugang Hyena, which existed as a soul, also transformed into the form of a wild boar, but it was half smaller. Sensing a crisis coming from behind, Zhu Ganghe howled and accelerated suddenly. Seeing a fork in the road ahead, he quickly cha