Even Zizhong and Liu Tianlai didn’t believe it. He scratched his neck and shouted: “How dare you shoot?”
Liu Tianlai shouted, and was about to rush over to block Wen Liang, but his body stopped in mid-air.
The gun didn’t go off!
Wen Liang retracted his right hand, looked at the Type 64 pistol with a puzzled expression, and said, “The trigger can’t be pulled? Director Liu, what’s going on?”
Liu Tianlai’s open mouth hadn’t closed yet, and his heartbeat seemed to have stopped for an instant. After a while, he took a breath and took the gun out of Wen Liang’s hand.
Fortunately, the safety on the left side of the sleeve is not open!
Well, no!
Liu Tianlai is an expert in playing with guns, especially this pistol, which was designed in the 1960s and produced in the 1980s. It has a beautiful and delicate appearance. The gun body is small and exquisite. It is very convenient to carry around. However, because of its small size, it lacks deterrence and is too weak. , front-line police rarely use the equipment, and it is generally used by mid-level and senior police officers for self-defense. It has gradually become a symbol. With 64, it means that your level has reached a certain status, nothing more.
That’s why this gun is nicknamed “Little Smashing Cannon”, but no matter how weak its power is, it is still a gun. One shot to a person’s head is absolutely fatal. Wen Liang pulled the slide and it was already in a firing state, but now the hammer was in its original position and the manual safety was turned off. He could only press the safety down before pulling the trigger, locking the trigger.
Liu Tianlai has never been so sad before. He feels aggrieved and wants to cry. You are really killing someone without paying for your life. It’s okay to scare even Zhongzhong. Why did you scare me, Old Liu, half to death?
Wen Liang winked at him, stretched out his hand to take the gun over, and said, “Director Liu, how do you use this gun? Please teach me!” ”
That’s it, this way, that’s it. You have to put the safety on when shooting. Open it, push it up to make it horizontal, and pull the hammer down. Now you can hit.”
Liu Tianlai said very well. Now that he understood what Wen Liang meant, he didn’t mind playing games with him. If this could make this person It’s much better to vent your grievances a little than actually causing a loss of life.
“Company chief, I’ll count to three. If you don’t get up, I’ll shoot you!”
Lian Zizhong’s spirit was completely shattered by the blow just now. He rolled up from the ground with a grunt, bent down and begged: “Wen Zizhong Master, Master Wen, I was wrong, I know I was wrong. I never dare to let you go this time, my life is not worth your dirty hands, really, it is not worth it!” Wen
/Liang He pointed the gun at Lian Zizhong’s head again and said with a smile: “I don’t mind anything except being dirty. Director Lian, when you get to the underworld, you must remember that you must not be arrogant when you are a ghost.”
“Young Master Wen, don’t, “Don’t”