t as soon as she came to the United States, she came into contact with the top society in the United States.

t as soon as she came to the United States, she came into contact with the top society in the United States.
Han Xuan’s grandfather’s villa in Beverly Hills is worth more than 20 million US dollars. It cost more than 40 million US dollars to decorate it. A Van Gogh decorative oil painting is worth hundreds of millions of US dollars.
It is not surprising that there is a huge gap between the two countries.
When the truck driver introduced Ms. Celine Dion, the singer of “My Heart Will Go On”, the people present clapped their hands and shouted to sing it again.
The previous song had left such a deep impression on them that they found it unsatisfying to listen to it just once.
She became famous last year when the theme song for the Atlanta Olympics was sung by Ms. Dion.
Unable to resist people’s enthusiasm, he took the microphone and smiled: “Well, there is no soundtrack prepared here. Can I just sing a few lines a cappella? If you like it, you can go to the Korean iMusic website to download it after the movie is released. It only costs 99 cents. Well, I am indeed advertising, and the share his company gave me is quite high.”
People present laughed, and Han Xuan couldn’t help but applaud her wit. This was indeed a good time to promote her own songs.
Ms. Celine Dion is very talented in singing. Even if she sings a cappella, people can feel the deep emotions in it.
DiCaprio didn’t know yet that he would leave a bad impression as a “vase” in the minds of the Oscar judges, and he was smiling happily at the moment.
He knew he was going to be popular, so he whispered something in the ear of Director Cameron, who strongly supported him as the leading actor, probably to express his gratitude.
/After the show.
Han Xuan did not help entertain the guests. After telling his grandfather that he would go have a cup of coffee with Mr. Murdoch, he said hello to Sissi and his daughter, and left first to choose
a nearby place.
/In the private room of Dad’s MEET Chinese restaurant on Avenue of Stars, Han Xuan and Murdoch discussed for more than two hours before going home.
The bait he threw out this time was so meaty that even Murdoch, the most successful and smartest old fox in the United States, was determined to take a bite, even if he knew there might be a “fishhook” inside.
The main tone of cooperation between the two parties must be determined first, and the details will be discussed by their staff.
The general content is that Murdoch invested 20 million US dollars and obtained 7% of the shares of the company called Fiell.
Han Xuan spent 25 million US dollars to obtain the online broadcast rights of 20th Century Fox’s movies and TV series broadcast by News Corporation’s TV stations, as well as all existing and future film library resources for the next 30 years.
Because the person who came up with the idea was Han Xuan, Murdoch bet that he would succeed. The sub-contract stipulated that if the value of the 7% of the shares did not reach US$350 million within fifteen years, then Interstellar Investme