espair. I just found a job and come over to play when I have time.” “

espair. I just found a job and come over to play when I have time.” ”
What job, in which unit?”
“Province I just applied for the newspaper group, and I guess I will be assigned to the evening newspaper.”
“Big reporter, the uncrowned king!”
“I am a trainee reporter now, and I will be the uncrowned king when I get the certificate. How are you? Have you talked about it?”
“No, my mother. I’m hospitalized again, so I can’t care about that.” Director Han of the Provincial Political and Legal Committee had just left, and Political Commissar and Director Jiang were still next door. Liu Xiaotong did not dare to say more and said hurriedly: “Xiaojie, I’m at work. I’ll give it to you after work. Call me.”
“Do you know my phone number?”
“Call your home number. You won’t go home tonight?”
“Okay, I’ll tell you my mobile phone number tonight. I can’t remember the card I just applied for.”
At the same time, people In a third-floor office in a new building on the road, two men were sitting on the sofa smoking.
This office is decorated in a luxurious style. Behind the big boss’s desk is a row of mahogany bookcases filled with books, trophies and certificates.
On the wall on the left is a large photo, shot from above, with high light and a pure white background. It shows a bald man wearing a well-tailored suit with a bright smile on his face. He has white teeth and a rosy face. Facing the camera, he spreads his hands confidently and looks extraordinary.
Next to the portrait is a group photo of the owner and the leader, with a line of text below: Leader XX cordially met with Wu Jinbao, member of the Yushan County CPPCC, president of the Yushan County Nanhu Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of the Yushan County Chenxin Mining Group!
The name Wu Jinbao is very popular among the people of Yushan.
A foreigner has prospered in Yushan, not only mining, but also involved in the entertainment industry. Kailedi KTV, the largest in the county, is one of the industries he invested in. The security in other places is very poor, but the security in his mines and the industries he invested in is very good. Even drug addicts who are addicted to drugs dare not go to his territory to cause trouble, because no one who offends him will end well.
The two men waited for a while, and the door opened. Wu Jinbao walked in, sat behind the desk and asked, “What’s so urgent?”
/“Mr. Wu, Qian Guangming said that the deputy director of the Provincial Political and Legal Affairs Committee is here to be there. Yushan has been investigating for a month, and he also said that a big leader from the province will come to inspect in a few days, so we should pay attention.” ”
I know that the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee is coming to inspect. What is the background of the deputy director? It’s still a month since he came.”
“I asked. Qian Guangming said that he would come to their office immediately. He didn’t have time to elaborate. Maybe he didn’t know very well.” ”
Got it. I’ll call and ask.”
“Can the Chengdong b